12 travel bloggers you should read in 2012

Note: The 2013 list is out! Here it is.

Which travel bloggers should you read in 2012?

I asked. And you answered.

And how! In a relatively slow, pre-holiday week, a total of 6,085 readers voted from a selection of 24 top travel bloggers you nominated.
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Vote now for your favorite travel blogger

It’s time to vote for your favorite travel blogging personality.

Last week, I asked for nominations and explained the rules. Sifting through the nominees wasn’t easy. I know a lot of these bloggers personally, and I want all of them to make the list.

But only 12 will.
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How to be a travel blogger: And now, a few words about money

Editor’s note: This is part four of my series on becoming a successful travel blogger. Here’s the first one, the second one and the third one.

Let’s talk about money.

If you’re going to be a successful travel blogger, you’ll need some to pay your Internet service provider and web designer. You’ll have to pony up cold, hard cash for the equipment I recommended in the second part of this series.

It would be nice to have a little left over to pay the rent, too.

People think you have to take the vow of poverty when you become a travel blogger, or that your “payment” is press trips. Not necessarily.
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And the best new travel blog of 2011 is …

The votes are in for the best new travel blog of the year. And the results are … inconclusive.

None of the sites received a majority of the votes, and despite my best efforts to keep the voting fair, there were allegations of, ahem, irregularities.

I had hoped to conduct a runoff between the top two sites, but that seems impossible. So there will be no top travel blog of 2011. I’m sorry.
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The 11 best new travel blogs of 2011

Even though I vehemently deny this is a travel blog, or that I’m a travel blogger, I just can’t look away.

During the last few months, I’ve seen too many excellent new travel blogs arrive on the scene to stay quiet. I have to speak up.

Update: Here’s a list of 12 travel bloggers worth following in 2012 and 12 travel Twitter personalities you should follow in 2012. Also, please see update at the bottom of this post on the survey results.
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Top 10 travel blogs of 2010

Here are the top 10 travel blogs of 2010.

1. Gadling
2. Johnny Vagabond
3. Brave New Traveler
4. Airfare Watchdog
5. Consumer Traveler
6. BootsnAll
7. Legal Nomads
8. Everything Everywhere
9. The Middle Seat
10. World Hum
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Please vote for your favorite travel blog of 2010

It’s that time of year again: time to name the year’s top travel blogs.

(I do this every year as a service to readers. Here’s last year’s list.)

For 2010, I’m letting you make the call. I’ve compiled a list of nominees (below) and I’m letting you decide the top 10.
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How to become a travel blogger in 7 easy steps

Editor’s note: This is an online version of a seminar I’m giving at the The Travel Bloggers Show in Orlando tomorrow.

How do you become a travel blogger?

It’s a question I get almost every week. To which I usually respond, “How would I know? I’m a consumer advocate.”

But like some of the consumer advocates who came before me, including the ubiquitous Clark Howard, I think some readers will probably always think of me as a travel guy. And since I’ve been involved in new media since 1994, the blogger label isn’t likely to go away anytime soon, either.

So how do I do it? When I was asked to speak about this subject at a recent conference, the organizers wanted me to summarize it in seven easy steps.
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