Only you can prevent a full Elliott Advocacy meltdown!

If you’re a reader of my personal website, you probably already know about the full meltdown that happened after we posted a blockbuster story by Michelle Couch-Friedman about buying jewelry on a cruise. Suddenly a surge of traffic flooded the Elliott Advocacy site and within just a few minutes, our server choked up. Instead of the article, that annoyingly familiar “error establishing a database connection” message greeted you. Read more “Only you can prevent a full Elliott Advocacy meltdown!”

You’ll never believe these malicious attacks!

You’ll never believe how far they’ve gone to kill your favorite consumer advocacy site.

I didn’t either … until it happened. But today, as our spring fundraiser heads into its final, critical days, I’ll tell you.

Are you sitting down? Read more “You’ll never believe these malicious attacks!”