Are credit cards with “no” foreign transaction fees still scammy?

If you’re a credit-card skeptic like I am, then maybe you’ve enjoyed your front row seat to the rise and apparent fall of foreign transaction fees — those pernicious little extras tacked on to your cross-border purchases just because credit card companies can.
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Help! Verizon’s “global” plan overcharged me

Lisa Littlewood is overbilled by Verizon and it won’t adjust her invoice. Why not?
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Driving overseas? Read this first

It was an open-ended question, the kind you learn to ask after renting countless cars: Is there anything else I should know about driving here?

“Yes,” said the Hertz agent at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, after taking a glance at my keys. “You can’t drive this car in Paris.”

Turns out my visit last week coincided with some of the city’s worst smog in years. In an effort to cut back on pollution, only cars with odd-numbered license plates could drive in the City of Light. Mine had an even number.

Fortunately, I wasn’t driving to Paris.
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