Why won’t Cardone return my calls?

When Mike Barco’s new steering unit needs to be replaced, he turns to the manufacturer for help. Why can’t he get an answer? Read more “Why won’t Cardone return my calls?”

Should Honda replace the illegal tint on my used car?

The tint on Benjamin Schwartz’s Honda is not quite up to standards, and he wants his dealership to fix it. But should it?
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Help, my Honda radio is on the blink


Question: A few days ago, the display on the radio of my 2003 Honda Accord went on the blink. The radio still works, but I can’t see any of the stations.

I called Honda customer service and mentioned that I’d done some research and found that the radios on the 2003 Honda Accords had this problem. She looked into your corporate records and told me that there was a class-action suit and Honda would repair the defective radios for seven years or 110,000 miles. She told me that since that time has elapsed, Honda could not take care of the problem.
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If you love the TSA, read this story

It happened again.

At a time when the federal agency assigned to protect America’s transportation systems can least afford it, there was another dust-up involving a young passenger — this time to Lucy Forck, a three-year-old with spina bifida flying to Disney World with her family.

When the little girl in a wheelchair is pulled over for a pat-down, her mother starts taping the procedure on her phone, which is permitted.
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