I’m giving away $500 in HotelPower credit – here’s how to qualify

Can you feel the excitement building? Every day during our October fundraiser, I’ve been giving away luggage, books and other amazing travel premiums. But now it’s time for the Big One.
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Today is your day

If you’ve ever read something useful on this site that allowed you to make a more enlightened consumer purchase, today is your day.
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Don’t you dare read this story!

They don’t want you to read this. They don’t want you to get involved. They want you to be ignorant.
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You’re going to want to see this

We interrupt this post to bring you an important message: Consumer advocacy sites like this one are not self-sustaining. Without your help, they will end.

Become an underwriter now and you won’t just help keep this site and quality, uncompromising consumer advocacy journalism going. You’ll also have chance to win a weekend van rental from Bandago or moneysaving guidebooks from our friends at the Alaska TravelGram.

Why would you want to join these brave readers who have supported this site and newsletter for 2013?

Because you need this site.

The next time you have a problem with a product or service, where will you turn?

Are you going to dispute the charge with your credit card, an action that may or may not be successful? Are you going to appeal to the company, spending hours on hold?

Maybe you’ll take your case to one of those “expert” blogs, where you’ll just be scolded for not having the encyclopedic knowledge of the industry that they have.

You know the saying, “Without a travel agent, you’re on your own.” It’s true for consumer advocates, too.

Can you really afford that?

Publishing a consumer advocacy blog takes time and money. For the last 16 years, I’ve given this site every available minute of free time. That’s because like you, I care deeply about quality service and fairness. I want everyone to get what they paid for, regardless of the income or loyalty status.

People say, “Follow your passion, and the money will come.” But they’ve never published a consumer advocacy site.

Let’s just say advertisers don’t love my site. There are a lot of people who really want me to stop publishing. Why? Because I’m the only thing standing between them having their way with their customers.

We’re almost halfway toward meeting our $10,000 goal for our February fundraiser. I know we can do this.

If you become a new underwriter at any level now, your name will be entered in a drawing for a weekend van rental. Also, the first 10 underwriter at the patron level will receive a copy of the Alaska TravelGram, a book with tens of thousands of dollars worth of savings.

I hope you’ll support this worthy cause. We only have a few days left in February. Please help keep one of the last few remaining voices for the consumer alive online.

I’m counting on you.

What do Minor Trips, Scottevest and the Seattle TourSaver have in common?

highway2It’s not a trick question. You can win valuable premiums from these three companies for supporting this site and newsletter. Right now.

Alright, maybe I’m not as clever as Ira Glass with my fundraisers, or as convincing as the talking heads on PBS. But the fact remains that this site exists because of you, the traveler.

The fact also remains that there’s really nothing like this site out there. There are lots of terrific news organizations that rely on advertising, and many excellent travel blogs that are run by hobbyists. But I don’t know of another site that advocates for travelers every day.
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