What should happen?

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Oct 22, 2017
What should happen in this scenario? I booked and paid for a four night stay at the Spring Hills Suites/Hilton in Virginia through Hotel tonight app. When I get there the clerk tells me there is no room available for that night he pays for taxi and room at a Hampton inn 10 minuets away. I take issue with both Hotel tonight and Spring Hills Suites after an hour on the phone I am reassured that there are plenty of rooms for the remaining three nights via Spring Hills Suites (same clerk). In the morning I call Spring Hills Suites (same clerk) and he tells me there are no rooms available you’re free to do what you like, I argue to no avail, I book on my own the next three nights at a different Hampton Inn in Washington DC. I contact the AGM at Spring Hills and suggest he pay for the three nights at the H I I’m currently staying at he balks blames clerk offers me to come back for three nights I refuse offer, he eventually puts points on my Hilton Honors acct. to be used for one of the three nights I agree. I have written corporate waiting to hear back, what am I entitled to/expect via the guidelines and rules of this industry?
Thank you for your time.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You were walked. If they are oversold, usually the ones that have paid the least or arrived the latest are the ones that lose out on the rooms in an overbooking situation. Was the Hampton Inn in the same area as the Springhill Suites? They moved you to a similar class hotel nearby then no compensation is due. Hampton Inn is pretty close to what you would get at Springhill with the included breakfast. The only other thing they could have done - which they offered to do - was move you back to Springhill when rooms opened up.

And they already gave you points.

What was the reason that you didn't want to stay at the Hampton?