We feel weve been treated inhumanely

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Jun 27, 2017
MARILYNBH ... Glad your husband is OK and that his stone is no longer plugging up his kidney. The Elliott advocacy team receive dozens of queries daily and really wish they could wave a magic wand and get situations like yours resolved. But travel has greatly changed and cruise companies, airlines, and hotels have become very rigid about the rules in their contracts (usually in gray 6-point type). Your travel agent might try to appeal to the cruise line and perhaps get 25% off for a future cruise. One must be apologetic these days and friendly and use the three P's ... politeness, persistence and perseverance

Also, want you to know that many of us - including my hubby and myself - who respond on this site have made costly travel mistakes ourselves, from hundreds of dollars to thousands. And like you, we are retired. For us, they have been painful, expensive lessons learned.

We wish you well and hope that do consider a cruise to Alaska. We just returned from our 3rd cruise and are already planning to go again. Our best to you.
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Aug 16, 2018
I agree with everyone else’s feedback here. The cruise line is not under any obligation to accommodate this request, they went out with an empty cabin. Sometimes consumers do not understand that rebooking is the same as cancelling if they leave the cruise/airline /Hotel/car rental company with unused inventory.

It is so important to always purchase travel insurance, especially for soemthing such as a cruise. I’ve just purchased it for a trip to Las Vegas, just in case.

Best of luck in the future.


Mar 23, 2015
Since you asked "what loss", let's do the math. Since the cruise sails next week, odds are good that the cabin will sail empty. Most people need lead time to get time off, get a decent price on flights, etc.

Royal Caribbean's profit margin is about 10% so of the $5000 that you paid, $500 is profit and $4500 is operating costs. And yes I know you won't be there to eat the food and drink the beer but they've already paid for that and hired the people to serve you. We won't get into onboard casinos and art auctions just to keep things simple but if we include those, the cruise line takes an even bigger hit.

So if the cabin sails empty, RCC takes a $4500 loss. Remember, when you rebook, they don't get extra revenue so they're still out $4500. You'd have to cruise with them an additional 9 times for them to just break even on you. In other words, you'd have to spend another $45,000 for them to recover from this loss. So not a win win for them.

It sounds like you declined insurance because you're "healthy people without disease" but Insurance is for just the unforeseen circumstance you find yourself in. My kids are young and healthy but you bet we make sure they have medical insurance.

I'm sorry that you're missing the cruise and there's nothing wrong with asking for an exception but just because the cruise line is unwilling to take a $4500 loss doesn't make it the bad guy. You weren't treated inhumanely. You were treated fairly.
This. 1000 times. This.
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