United email about inability to board plane for Israel without proof of place to quarantine for 14 days while in Israel

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Mar 23, 2015
I remember that the email stated that I had one year from date of purchase to use - which for us would have been July of 2020 (we bought the tickets last July). I am also almost positive that it said that if the tickets couldn't be used by a year from purchase then a refund was possible. It was for this reason that I then canceled and requested refund. It is certainly possible that United has subsequently changed its policy but I am pretty certain that as of that email the information was as above. That's why I would like to see a copy of the email that was sent at that time. Thanks.
You may have gotten an email similar to one I got in March or April that said "blah blah.. refunds "may be given" or some such. But the "may" referred to if it was a refundable ticket to begin with only, if I remember correctly when I checked for our flights to NY and Hawaii. If your tix were refundable, then they're refundable, period. But, if not, then the "may" is not going to apply to you.

Barry Graham

Staff Member
Jan 7, 2015
At this point rather than trying to guess what's going to happen, I suggest we wait and see what actually does happen.
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