Spirit Airlines and Covid -19 travel issues

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Mar 6, 2020
I am going to cancel a flight for myself and a friend in the next few days on Spirit Air because of Covid-19. We were supposed to go on a cruise but we were able to cancel because of our age and our current health status. Our cruise line(Celebrity) gave us a credit usable for 2 years and refunded all fees and extra things we had booked (good for them!). Spirit Air on the other hand will give us a voucher good for 60 days with some vague language about a one time extension they will allow. Every time I ask about the baggage and seat fees(which totaled $296) they ignore my question. I think these fees should be refunded, but it doesn't seem like it will happen.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Well, the good news is that you got a very compassionate solution with the cruiseline. I'd not expect a low-cost airline to be very cooperative. My advice is that you wait to cancel your flights. Monitor the airline very carefully and hope for a decent "offer", but don't expect it. An airline like Spirit literally doesn't have the kind of customer service that you'd expect from a regular airline. I don't think they're at all concerned with their "image". They operate on a shoe-string and their first responsibility is to not put the airline in a reverse-revenue position with possible bankruptcy. If they are not forthcoming, cancel at the very last minute. Then take up your quest in writing. Be polite, concise and ask them for an exception. Use our Company Contacts to pursue your request and be patient. This pandemic is exactly that ... people with compromised health should "not be travelling". Nobody knows if it's safe or not, and everyone is responsible for their own well-being. If they just carry on business as usual, you'll need to go after them with polite, patient, persistent requests for a credit to be used for at least a year. It may take them a long time to actually offer their customers some service. Good luck, and please let us know the outcome.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Spirit makes their money on fees. If you bought nonrefundable tickets, it’s highly doubtful that you will receive these fees back but you should use our company contacts and try to write to them.

I agree with my colleague to wait to cancel the air. The situation is so fluid that perhaps Spirit will make changes down the road to policy.
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Jan 20, 2015
NAPLES FL or Denver CO
Spirit is not offering a refund, but rather a change without fees.
I would assume that your extra fees will be held with the travel funds until you are ready to use them (seats/baggage.)
Why they think you might be available to travel within 60 days is not very user friendly. Most of the population does not travel that often. In fact, we have ticket to travel late April and March and are currently wondering just what will be going on health wise at that time. This uncertainty will likely prevail for many months.