Sixt rental in 2016 develped a bulge in the sidewall

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May 13, 2019
I rented a Sixt auto in 2016 at the Manchester airport. At the counter I was told that I had to post a credit card with a limit to cover the auto or buy their insurance. I told the agent that would negate my insurance with Mastercard. She was insistent. Being tired and not wanting to argue I acquiesced. Later in the Lake District the left front tire developed a bubble in the sidewall with no visible outside damage. I called the company hotline and the next morning a driver with a flatbed truck came and picked me and the car up and drove to another town to replace the tire. It took 3 - 4 hours out of my vacation plans and at the end I had to pay the 80 pound bill for the tire. We were on our way with no further problems through drop off where I took pictures in the lot after Sixt inspected and I payed for the rental. A few weeks later after being home in the US, I get a damage bill from Sixt. I discussed it and wrote back that there was no damage to the auto. I never heard anything more until late last month while on vacation I get a call while my phone was off in the middle of the night and an email with the bill for 156.5 pounds. They claim I still owe them for damage.



Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
You need to require Sixt to send you pictures of the damage and an itemized bill. The damage to the tire may have also been associated with damage to the wheel. A bubble such as you described can occur from hitting a pothole, which may also bend/damage the wheel. Did you inspect the wheel after the damaged tire was removed and before the new tire was mounted? Did the tire replacement shop inspect the wheel for roundness and other damage?
What was the mileage on the car and tires? If the tires are new then a manufacturing defect may have caused the bubble. If the tires were not new, then damage from the road is the more likely reason for the bubble. Most insurance does not cover tire damage.