SIXT Rental - How to dispute Loss of use and Diminution Value ?

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Nov 12, 2018
Hello everyone!

Thank god I found this group, I was left without any proper direction into what I am going through with Sixt now.

Long story short - In a narrow multi story garage, I have swiped the passenger side rear window against the wall. Almost after 3 months I received invoice from the Sixt, which contains
- Deductible payable by me
- Loss of use
- Diminution Value
- Admin charge

My insurance - Progressive - takes care only of the Damages cost excluding my deductible, nothing else. I am charged $1250 approx totally.
- Can anyone please let me know is there a way to dispute / negotiate these charges with them?
- I don't feel that Loss of use can be $450 since for the same period of time there is also a possibility that the car might not be rented after all (I booked a Full size car, which was upgraded to premium car Volvo XC 90 due to unavailability)
- I also found a line that goes "This demand is based on Preliminary estimate. The estimate might be subject to additional changes prior to final repair." What is the best way to deal with this?

Thank you for your time!