Priceline Cancellation Policy on Hotels

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Jan 1, 2018
Hi, I booked a room for 2 nights using Priceline, and had a home emergency arise. That emergency kept me from going on a trip I had planned on earlier in the month. The day after Christmas, our sewer line backed up, flooding our basement and causing a lot of water damage. Throughout the next few days, plumbers and cleanup crews worked around to clock to sterilize and clean our damaged basement. Needless to say I had to cancel my trip, and contacted Priceline to see what they could do (one full day before my scheduled check in). I got an apology, but that was it. As this was an unforeseeable emergency, I didn't have a choice but to cancel the hotel reservation. It's now 4 days since the flooding, and our basement will have to be totally gutted and redone. It would be nice if Priceline could take extenuating circumstances into account when looking at their policy on cancellation.


Depending on the type of booking, the cancellation policy may be determined by Priceline or the Hotel (you can usually tell by who charged your credit card). In either case, these types of bookings are attractive because they are cheaper, but come with very stringent cancellations policies, which are rarely waivered - especially went booked through one of the online travel agents (OTAs). It is important when making these bookings to consider if the financial loss is worth having some sort of protection, i.e. travel insurance. Otherwise, spend a few extra dollars for insurance or a reservation with a more lenient cancellation policy.

First, if you did have a travel insurance policy, check to see if it covers this situation. Also, check to see if the credit card you used to make the reservation offers any travel benefits that may provide coverage. If none of that helps, then use the contacts for Priceline, to appeal your case up the executive ladder, maybe you will get someone that is sympathetic to your cause. If the charge was made directly by the hotel to your credit card, it may not hurt to appeal your case to the hotel management also, but do so in writing.

Good Luck.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
What was the cancellation policy on your booking? Did you book a non refundable rate? If you did - you are out of luck. Did you have travel insurance? That might have helped you.

The cancellation policies depend on what YOU choose when you book, or, if a last minute booking - you might already be in a cancellation penalty at the time of booking.

What does your confirmations say you booked?
Feb 9, 2016
check the credit card you used to cook, it may have coverage/travel insurance for this type of thing.