Present before cutoff time for check in

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Sep 10, 2018
I have been involved in a ticket change dispute with American Airlines for over a month with no success. I have contacted their Customer Service and was told to write a comment on their website and someone from Customer Relations would email me. I have been receiving standard responses that their records show I did not arrive in time for the 60 minute cutoff for international flights. Here is my story. I travel with my family every year to Lima Peru to visit relatives so I am very familiar with the cutoff times and the contract of carrier. I am disappointed when I approached the ticket counter to check in for my flight, only to be told they could not accommodate me due to the "cut-off" for checked baggage acceptance. I arrived at the ticket counter 1 hour and 15 minutes before my flight. I usually arrive much earlier but the traffic that night was extremely bad(left relatives house in San Juan Miraflores at 5:30 which normally takes 90 minutes, it took 3 hours). My Record Locator was xxxxx. My flight was to leave Lima, Peru airport on August 1st at 9:55PM and arrive in Miami. The ticket counter representative simply said I must call the local ticket office to reschedule my flight by calling 012117000. After being on hold for almost 1 hour I was informed that I had to pay $1,050 for the ticket changes. I explained to the Representative on the phone that I should not be charged for these changes. She said I would need to contact Customer Service. I needed to get home so I paid the fee thinking the resolution of these charges would be resolved with my explanation.
After speaking with Customer Service, I was told to write a complaint on the website and someone from Customer Relations would respond. The response I got from Customer Relations was that I was not in time for check in. I have sent numerous responses asking for my complaint to be escalated with no response. As stated above, I arrived before the cut-off for check-in. The cutoff for Lima is 60 minutes and I was there 75 minutes before.
According to the Conditions of Carriage on the home page. The check-in requirements are 60 minutes for International Flights (Peru does not have additional time check-ins). I am attaching the specific language from your website as well as the link
Based on the Conditions of Carriage I should have been allowed to check-in for the flight. I respectfully, request a refund. Here is my information for flights: (REMOVED BY MODERATOR) These are the new tickets that were issued for the Flight from Lima to Dallas, TX on August 1, 2018. There return flights were a nightmare, the first flight from Lima to Dallas was delayed almost 4 hours and the connecting flight from Dallas to Newark was delayed 4 hours. My family and I were were in airports from 8:30pm Wednesday night until Thursday night at 9pm.

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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Posting on a page doesn’t work as well as writing to the company.

We have company contacts on top of the page- read how to write (under the contacts) and start communicating by email so you have written proof if you need it.

Explain the proof you have of arriving and hour and 15 minutes before the flight was scheduled to leave.

Let us know how you do after you have completed our process.
Sep 21, 2018
But arriving at the airport, and actually checked in at the counter are 2 different things. IF you had not arrived by cutoff time, they were correct to deny boarding - which puts the onus of purchasing new tickets firmly on your own shoulders.
Aug 30, 2015
Were you at the counter with your bag(s) and conversing with the agent more than 60 minutes before your flight departure? Being in the lineup doesn't count - and it looks to me like there is some crucial information missing, I get from the explanation that you were "at the airport" or "in the lineup" one hour and 15 minutes prior. I can't imagine why an agent would tell you that you were past the cutoff time when you were not and this leads me to believe that you were "at the counter" less than an hour prior to the flight departure.
Jul 13, 2016
I think the only chance you have at reimbursement is to prove you were at the ticket counter, speaking with the ticket agent 75 minutes ahead of flight. Not sure how you could prove that. Even if you have a taxi receipt showing the drop off time, that does not indicate your counter arrival time. do you have a photo or text from your phone that could show your counter arrival time?