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Overpaying for 4th person


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Depending on the length of the cruise, these charges seem valid. I agree with everyone, who knows how airlines or cruise lines price things? I mean, teenage boys eat more than six other people combined. If the cost of one of the cruises was double for the new kid because your TA wasn't prompt to make the change, I'd definitely ask the TA for a shipboard credit of $200 or so.

I am filled with pleasure at your taking in a kid who needs you. Sandra Bullock in Blind Side(?) comes immediately to mind, and it's a very positive picture. Taking him on cruises has got to be the gold standard of care! So very, very impressed, this is one of life's precarious situations turned into something positive. My colleagues have covered all the potential pitfalls on documentation. I agree, you should be over-the-top thorough with it all.