Outrageous Damage Claim

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Apr 11, 2020
Hi there,

I hope whoever reads this is doing well during this time. Hopefully I can entertain anyone who is bored at home with my rental issue.

I have been reading much on rental car damage claim discrepancies on this site ever since I received my first notice of damage. This morning I received a $700 bill for claimed damages to the rental car. I found the suggested template to use to email corporate, and I have my email drafted and ready to send. I just wanted to review my situation on here before sending anything.

- One-way rental from Chicago to Indianapolis using Enterprise.
- (March 21, 2020) The branch manager in Chicago stated no damages at rental pick-up. I agreed. I paid with my boyfriend's Chase Sapphire card and opted for coverage through Chase and declined Enterprise's insurance. I was emailed the rental agreement and everything was accurate.
- (March 21-22) Picked up car and parked on the street outside my boyfriend's home. No issues during rental possession - no damages were made or noted whatsoever.
- (March 22 pm) Returned rental to Indianapolis during after hours-return. No damages were noted, but I did not take any pictures.
- (March 23, 2020) Received the invoice for the rental from the Indianapolis location. Nothing was noted about damages or loss to vehicle in this invoice.
- (March 24, 2020) Received the first contact letter from the Damage Recovery Unit that stated damages to the rental vehicle. This notice did not have any details about the claim. I tried to call the number provided but no answer. I emailed the address provided requesting further information/documentation.
- (April 10, 2020) I never received a response to my email to DRU customer service. I received the comprehensive bill and claim letter from DRU for damages rendered costing $700. From my understanding, the billing list shows damages to the quarter panel, rear bumper, rear lamps, rear door, fender, front door, and "pillars, rockers, & floor". They provided low quality images of the vehicle. I do not see any of the damages they claim.
- The mileage is consistent so I don't believe the car could have been driven by anyone else besides me.
- The timing is consistent and accurate on all the documents I've received.
- I believe the damages claimed are inaccurate and far-fetched. I truly don't believe I should be billed for any damages whatsoever.
- I also want to note that Chase Sapphire has excellent rental car insurance coverage, so if I truly was responsible for any damage, I would not hesitate to just continue with the claim. I just feel strongly that these claims made against me are false and fraudulent.

Can you help me navigate this process and maybe give me some opinions on the situation. I know I made a rookie move by not documenting anything whatsoever. I have taken pictures in the past, but because the rental pick-up and drive were so smooth and easy, I just overlooked the need to lookout for myself.

I'm going to try to upload the bill and the pictures.


Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Stop writing to the damage recovery unit and start writing to the Enterprise executives. If you read the post we have in damage claims, that’s what it tells you to do. The executives at the car rental companies are ones that get these dropped.

Did you do a full inspection of the car at pick up to make sure
there was no damage when you picked it up?
Apr 11, 2020
I'll start drafting a more concise email to Enterprise execs following this reply.

Yes, I inspected the car at pick-up with the manager as well as prior to dropping it off. At pick-up. the exterior looked fine - nothing caught my attention as potential damage.
I stopped at my mom's house before drop-off to clean the interior of the car - thats when I did a walk around to look at the exterior and everything looked the same except for dirt and debris because it was raining off and on during my drive.

Are you able to view the images they provided? Do you agree that those images do not correlate with the claim?
Apr 11, 2020
I read through a recent post where you edited the user's email draft to the Enterprise Exec. I drafted using that same format - is that okay? I have not sent anything yet and I'll copy and paste what I have here.

Dear -,

I am writing to you concerning claim #- (rental reference #-). On April 11, 2020, I received notice from the Damage Recovery Unit, falsely claiming that I had damaged a rental car in the following areas: quarter panel, rear bumper, rear lamps, rear door, fender, front door, and pillars, rockers, & floor.

The DRU report provided vehicle images that do not correlate with the extensive damage claim. The comprehensive bill shows extensive work done to the car that had been made without adequate proof of damage. The images provided show minimal views of the car, and do not reflect any damage that is claimed on the DRU report.
  • I deny that I am responsible for any damage to the car.
  • During the time the rental car was in my possession, there was no incident to claim any damage.
  • Due to the lack of adequate proof of damage that correlates with the extensive bill, I kindly request that you withdraw this claim.
Thank you in advanced for your assistance and I look forward to your reply so we can resolve this matter.

Apr 10, 2017
>> I paid with my boyfriend's Chase Sapphire card and opted for coverage through Chase and declined Enterprise's insurance. <<

While this has nothing to do with the damage claim, it has to do with insurance coverage. Are you an authorized user of this credit card? If not, I would be make certain that the CC rental insurance was in force.
Feb 3, 2020
Is it possible that this is a fake damage claim, a scam? It all sounds fishy to me.

I'm always amazed at how legitimate some of these fraudulent requests for money can be. I recently received an email notice from Amazon claiming that my Prime membership payment hadn't gone through because of a credit card issue. I checked: the annual membership fee was processed several weeks ago. When clicking on the source for the email address, I could confirm it wasn't from Amazon.

Is there a way the OP could confirm these documents are from Enterprise?
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Jan 22, 2015
(March 22 pm) Returned rental to Indianapolis during after hours-return. No damages were noted, but I did not take any pictures.
One thing to keep in mind a lot of rental car (and truck companies) hold the customer responsible for damages for vehicles that are dropped off after hours. So if you dropped off the car at 10 PM and someone damaged it at midnight you would still be liable for damages as the car had not been checked in yet
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Apr 11, 2020
Hi everyone,

Great news, the claim has been dropped! I received an email at 2am this morning with an attachment that read:

"Dear Sir/Madam:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and your business.
We have reviewed your concerns regarding the claim for your rental vehicle; we appreciate you as a customer and have made the decision to take care of the damages and costs of this claim. Our claim is now closed.

Again, thank you for your business and we look forward to servicing your future rental needs.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.


I'm so happy I found this forum to help me. Thank you for providing this platform.

I was wondering if anyone thinks this is a reportable claim to BBB? Or if anyone has any further opinions?

I'm posting the images here for reference for future readers that need inspiration or visual reference.

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Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
I am glad they dropped this attempt to charge you. Something is very fishy about the claim; no body shop has a $33/hr labor charge. $60-90/hr would be more likely. None of what they itemized makes any real sense.