Name misspelled on international ticket - can't get fixed

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Mar 31, 2017
I booked flights for 8 people from my church to fly to Athens for a mission trip in May. I booked through Expedia. I am not a travel agent but just offered to book for the group because I book a lot of travel for myself. The flight over is a British Airlines ticket on an American Airlines plane. The leg back is AA.

I misspelled one ladies name - Julie instead of Julia.

The airlines tell me only Expedia can change it.

Expedia is telling me (after 3 calls) that they can't fix it either. They say that BA won't correct the misspelling, and AA won't either because the flight is booked on the two different airlines. They say that I have to cancel and rebook, which obviously isn't an option, as the ticket prices have gone way up, and I have to have her on the same flight with the rest of the group. She is a 60 something single lady.

I did ask to speak to a supervisor, and after holding for about an hour, my call was cut off. I was very friendly the entire time and never lost my cool, though I wanted to.

This is for Julie [redacted by mod] -- need to change her name to Julia [redacted by mod] . ONE LETTER!

I can send confirmation information or Expedia itinerary info, but I guess I shouldn't post that here publically?

Here are details, though.

Atlanta to Athens, Greece

May 9 - BA 1909, BA 1617
May 17 AA 759, AA 1833

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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
This is the draw back when you use a third party to book. (And by the way this is why travel agents are anal about tickets- if they make a mistake like this, they pay).

Your travel agency must fix this. The airline won't talk to you when you use a travel agency. If you had noticed this within 24 hours you could have canceled and rebooked at no fee. If it over over 24 hours, this is what happens- you have to cancel and rebook the ticket unless you can find someone at the airline who will try and make a notation on it ticket. But Expedia has to be the one to do this and they are stuck with what the airline tells them.

Had you booked directly, the airlines would be more apt to work with you.

Here is what I suggest- you use our company contacts for BA and AA and appeal to them in writing since it is just one letter of the name that needs to be fixed. Do everything in writing and start at Customer Service. Tell them you booked a group of tickets for your group and misspelled one letter on one passenger. State that you booked through Expedia and they stated that airline told you they will not change the ticket for one letter and you have to rebook all of the passengers. Beg them nicely to fix the one letter so you don't have to cancel xx tickets for the rest of the group.

If they say no, write them the first executive shown and repeat. Continue weekly until you get all the way up the chain.

If you go through all of this and they still day it would be less expensive for you going just buy a new ticket for this woman than canceling the entire group and rebooking.


Verified Member
Dec 11, 2014
Neil, can you redact the full name of the passenger from the original post.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I am so sorry for your group. The airlines are making millions on these kinds of rules, but there's always hope. Neil has given you perfect guidance, hop right on the letter campaign. Keep it very simple, concise and polite. Remember that the person reading your letter did not cause the problem and you want her to help you. The more quickly s/he grasps the issue, the better are your chances. And in the future, never book through an online booking agency, you could probably have fixed this with one phone call to the airline, since it's a group booking. Good luck and please let us know the outcome.