Missed family vacation

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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I understand what @Enot is requesting.....it is not cut and dry BUT if a traditional TA cancelled the remaining tickets even though the client only requested one ticket to be cancelled, the TA would be obligated to get their clients to their destination on the TA's dime. Just because the TA is essentially a ticket broker should not exempt them from doing the right thing.

If I were in the OP's shoes, I would be reticent to purchase new tickets to the vacation destination without any guarantee from the OTA that they would be reimbursed.

In the end, this is a losing battle based on the fact that the OP has been made whole on their original tickets and only (I use this word this hesitantly) lost out on their vacation but did not suffer any financial loss.

@Enot my guess is the only chance you will have receiving something is if you ask for travel vouchers, not cash. Even then, it is not likely you will receive anything.

The conclusion: OTAs suck!!!
If I were the OP I would never use the OTA again. But thank goodness she has been made whole. Rebook and use a real travel agent who stands behind their actions.
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Oct 9, 2017
Here I am with the update.
After requesting compensation, we were offered the equivalent of 200$ in Expedia points.

May I use your time and share some thoughts?
Since I have discovered your site I am absolutely excited about the great job you all are doing here.
I have read many cases both in the forums and in the main blog and eventually I have realized that there is a huge difference in consumer habits between what I am reading about in the US and what I know from my everyday life in Israel.

In the US, I see many stories where people purchase tourist services but do not purchase adequate insurance and then have to ask the service providers to understand their circumstances when things go wrong.
In Israel everyone I know purchases their insurance at the same time when they purchase the flight tickets because they know that asking for their understanding will most likely result in the best wishes but not in money refund.

On the other hand, there are many stories when there is absolutely no fault on the client's side and people still write to one executive after another.
On my side of the world, when something such as this occurs there is one and only one letter to customer service and if it does not help then a claim in a small claims court is filed.
Such a claim always consists of two parts: reimbursement of the financial loss and compensation for the company's malfunction.

Our case definitely refers to the second category but suing a company abroad requires a more complicated legal procedure and therefore we decided to try your way: writing to the executives.
It worked. It worked even better than the experts expected.
Of course it worked much worse than a court would, because if a judge had seen our chat with Expedia he would have only two options to evaluate it:
a) Expedia acted in bad faith
b) Expedia is misleading consumers when it says that it has Customer Service. In fact it is inhabited by bots and almost-bots.
But it was our choice to write to executives instead of going straight to court.

I still think that the offered compensation is inadequate and I hope that this site team will be able to increase it.
Feb 9, 2016
@Enot the main problem you have is that you incurred no financial loss. Yes, you were unable to go on your vacation, but you also didn't attempt to rebook and then negotiate with Expedia for the price difference.

You have repeatedly asked all of us what we would have done. Would we have rebooked and hoped Expedia would refund the difference? That question is mot. What we would have done, or not done, has no bearing, or relevance, on what exactly occurred in your situation.

From what you have said, you did not lose money on deposits for hotel bookings, rental cars, tours, etc. What is there to refund you?

Any gesture from Expedia is literally a goodwill gesture. Expedia has determined that your missed trip is worth 200 Expedia points. You will not get money back, what is it that you are seeking as compensation?


Verified Member
Dec 22, 2015
Who at Expedia offered you the points? Have you written to all the execs? If you have not written to all the execs, continue to write to them one at a time, waiting one week or more for a reply. Unfortunately, once you have written to them all, we really don't have any more advice to offer you.

I think it is important when you write that you appeal to their sensibilities....basically saying that due to the initial mistake on the agent's part, that you were weary of purchasing new tickets and asking for a refund. Your trust in the company was on shaky ground at that point. Surely, the exec could understand that? And while you were not out any additional funds, because of the agent's mistake you missed your vacation. Again, can't the exec understand your disappointment and frustration?

As long as you are aware that you are asking for something not typically awarded in the US travel market, keep making the request to the various entities if you are up for the time commitment it takes to write an effective letter. Your chances are slim but you never know unless you ask!
Feb 9, 2016
if you decide to write, ask for the specific thing you feel you are owed

money, points, vouchers, whatever that is

you've already left the resolution open ended and Expedia replied with what they thought was fair/the least amount they hoped would make you happy - 200 Expedia points.

That is not enough according to you, so be specific in what you want.