Misrepresented extra cable networks yearly agreement/.

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Mar 26, 2019
Last fall I called my Xfinty / Com cast Provider.; Now going on 38 years of service.
As I told the folks @ ( 800 268 2278) I needed to lower my Monthly outlay to be under a $100 a month, as the billing has grown
out of line over the years. and I'm considering to transfer my cable service to another provider. As there seems to
be better package promotions along with the other movies channels for retired senior citizens.
The goal was to reduce the current billing or switch and cancel. I was transferred to the retention center I think located sonmehwre in Meixco.
Nice lady actually, that she was there to keep my business , "Let me see what I can do for you" A few minute later I was offered $ 96 total
monthly rate with all the same services for the whole year but had to commit to the whole year, HBO, Showtime and Star included at no extra charge.
I then committed to the whole year.
Which I did. Well everything was rolling along nicely till the 3rd month when I lost as the extra channels with they offered for the whole year. When I called to find out what happened they told me, that promotion was over in 90 days and if I wanted to get those extra channels back, I need to pay an addition 45.00 a month.
Which I told then was not what I heard during my commitment for the whole year.
They told me that my contract did not show the additional channels and at this time and it is what it is....
I was told also that my commitment was for the rest of the whole year.....Looks like I should have requested a copy of the agreement, which they don't send to you unless you request it. Lesson Learned
I was told to communicate with the head office on line, which I tried to do on several occasions nobody has responded...
If you can be helpful or others have experience the same situation. I thought you folks should know, appreciate any help.
I was very disappointed on the tactics to get my yearly commitment, and then be back to where I started.
Thanking you in advance , if you can be helpful
Vertical Experience
Saratoga, Calif