Little League and The Elliott Way!

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Sep 9, 2018
Hi All!

I'm so excited that my first official thread is a positive one!

In our town, LL was cancelled for the year (not surprisingly). The league sent everyone an email basically stating "We're keeping your fees and rolling them over for next season unless you'll be aged-out by then." Essentially, the aged-out athletes can get a refund, but the rest of us don't get our money back!

Before I did anything, I diligently checked the T & C's to make sure that I didn't agree to a No-Refund policy when I signed up my son (Thank you, Neil and Christina!). There was no such language in there.

My take is that parents should have been given a choice. They offered a choice for the older kids....why not the rest of us? I'm not looking for my money immediately, as I know that these things take time. But to just assume that parents want to roll over their money into next year is unfair, IMO. Just looking for things to be fair and equitable. If some were offered a refund, then everyone should be. They have the capability to give refunds, clearly. I know this is all unprecedented and takes time. Again, my issue is not that "I want my money NOW." It's that I want the choice about what to do with it.

Anyway, several parents were ready to do a CC chargeback. Being a loyal reader, I know that is the LAST option. Instead, I used Janice's rule of the 3 P's and sent my email.

POOF! 24 hours later, the LL admin changed their mind and is now offering a refund to everybody who asks for one! While an automatic refund would be nice, I've been on here long enough to know that this is indeed a victory! I'm so happy that us parents politely stood up for ourselves and obtained the refund that we wanted.

I could NOT have done this without the help of ALL you wonderful, thoughtful, and intelligent advocates! The Elliott Way truly works and I am SO grateful for all of your hard work and dedication.

Thank you again! Continue to stay safe and healthy!

-Pixie Pie :D


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
What a nice post to read, PixiePie. As they say, you did GOOD. I have to smile, knowing that the Little League peeps just didn't want to be bothered giving refunds and thought all you families would just roll over. You were right, and I'm glad you prevailed. Thanks for posting this, it feels good, especially after all the OPs who don't understand why they're not immediately receiving whatever it is they're waiting for.

Barry Graham

Staff Member
Jan 7, 2015
Thanks so much, I am so glad that our community could help, that it had a good outcome and that shared good news!
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