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Apr 22, 2017
They are 100% Scam Artists

0 customer service
Bait and switch
Illegal fees and a tax accounting I have turned in and filed complaints with the US Federal Trade Commission, US IRS and the newest “Hot SH**” US Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of CFPB that are what Eliot Ness was to the FBI/Treasury Department kicking ass and taking names on all things financial.

They are kind of my mission to destroy by exposing them, running them out of business and having the owners and officers spend some time in prison for tax evasion, wire fraud and possibly a full compliment of civil charges.

If CFPB feels there is some traction to be had, they will make JustFly.com look like road kill
...and they deserve it.

What a farce...
Great Fare Price for an LAX to Singapore flight which at $633.77 was actually $1 less than if I bought the ticket directly through my Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer account online for $634 TAX AND FEES INCLUDED.
Except....I wouldn't have had to pay the $19.99 Purchase Guarantee Fee, $33.94 JustFly.com Booking Fee and OH YEAH....the $47.98 for the AIRFARE according to JustFly which seems that you buy the ticket for $47.98 and pay taxes and fees at 13.2 times the airfare which just coincidentally is almost exactly the same as the whole damn ticket purchased directly from Singapore Airlines.

Transaction Date Nov. 16, 2016

Price Details
Singapore Airlines - Wed. 18, 2017

1x Adult $47.98 USD

Taxes & Fees (incl. Seating Assignment Fee) $633.77 USD
Purchase Guarantee $19.99 USD
Airline Optional Services - Seats $0.00 USD

CSA Travel Protection* Add a Plan) Not Protected

Total $701.74 USD
Booking Fee?!
Grand Total $735.68 USD

I've since disputed several $33.94 JustFly Fees with my credit card company as unauthorized charges. Which if you notice above, were not included in the purchase price of the ticket.
And I only authorized my card to be charged for the ticket.


Due to a verified medical emergency that prevented me from making a January 18 Singapore Airlines flight after 2 weeks of being bounced around by JustFly just running their clock out I
Spoke with JustFly.com at 1-800-717-5015 and was advised by the representative that they refuse to provide me with a letter of cancellation even though they verified my phone call for them to cancel the flight on January 15, 2017. I needed this for my credit card travel cancellation insurance benefit to reimburse me travel losses.

Simple enough to do, just basically state, I in fact cancelled 3 days before my flight and did not receive a refund or any payment or compensation from JustFly or Singapore Airlines and did not board that flight. Nice Customer Service

The they also stated that since I did not board the flight it was considered forfeited.

They went onto state, that the ticket was non-refundable and had not purchased their insurance (because I was already covered by my credit card 100%) which I knew.

I then asked if I could just change the flight to another date and was initially told I would have to buy another ticket.

I stated there was nothing in that class code that stated I could not change the date, only that I could not refund the ticket, which in legal terms are two very different things.

They put me on hold for 5 minutes and returned saying I could hpay $450.00 for a re-booking fee which their fine print and terms had nothing in writing to state such fees...plus their $19.99 Purchase Guarantee Fee (aren’t tickets I purchase… guaranteed to be purchased when I purchase them?!? Why in the hell should I pay $19.99 to be guaranteed to purchase something I already purchased, since by them accepting my payment is in essence of law their agreement to provide me with my purchase and they are already legally obligated to provide me with my purchase) and an additional $33.94 JustFly.com booking fee. Which they never disclosed in the original purchase to begin with.

Then there is the issue of diversion of funds and taxes which I am sure they don't fully disperse taxes they collect to the government, which by the way is a felony.

And since there is nowhere in the world taxes are 1320% or 13.2 times greater than the actual purchase price of something.

Yet, according to how I was charged the ticket cost was $47.98 for the airfare and (Taxes & Fees incl. Seating Assignment Fee) was $633.77?! WTF

So for a $47.98 Ticket I was charged $633.77 Taxes and Fees Plus $19.99 “Purchase Guarantee” Fee for a Total Ticket Price of $701.74… BUT WAIT!!!...let’s not forget the $33.94 JustFly.com booking fee because in addition to the actual ticket price in which JustFly.com gets a commission by the airlines as do all licensed travel agencies for booking my flight…which is why they are in business to book flights… they feel compelled to charge an additional fee to book my ticket on top of the commissions they received for booking my ticket...hhhmmm

This is like yelling into the Grand Canyon waiting for the echo to return, but it comes back louder and from behind you?! There is no reasoning or basis other than greed for these fees

Of course they charge you separately on your credit card $701.74 for the $47.98 ticket and $39.99 for JustFly.com in a Grand Total of $741.73 for the $47.98 Singapore Airlines ticket.
Which I'm thinking there might be a credit card fraud charge somewhere there.

I am not a Math Wiz or Stephen Hawkings who I think would also have difficulty explaining the quantum physics and calculus behind how JustFly.com does business.

I'll let you know what the Feds decide to do as they respond to the filed complaints.

Meanwhile, screw JustFly and spread the word.


Verified Member
Nov 21, 2014
Ok, can you start over and just list the facts, point by point. Leave the pissed Off attitude, emotion and words out. Your rant and I get that you are pretty angry is not helping us to understand clearly and will certainly not help you in advocating your case.

Ok so you purchased a ticket thru Justfly, got it! Big mistake but you know that now. Can you recap the important aspects please?
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Just so you know, taxes on international flights are pretty much always more than the net flight price.

Why would you book a ticket when you saw all those fees added on? I would have walked away and booked directly through the airline. You would have simply had to deal with the airline for a cancellation, not JustFly and you might have had acredit to use within a year from the date you booked.

So they are denying that you called and canceled? Can you get a printout of your phone bill showing the call was made? That would shut them up.
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