Forcing Extra Coverage Caused Claim Denial

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Dec 28, 2019
We haven't seen them a Chase Shapphire Reserve credit card?

We rented a car recently in France. We were forced by the car rental company (Avis) to take partial insurance or leave 18,000 euros deposit. Even with the minimal insurance, we had to leave 1,800 euros. We tried to refuse all coverage, but couldn't without the monstrous deposit.

We were in a hurry and it was the eve of a holiday. So, we took the minimal insurance and left 1,800 euros.

Of course, a deer ran in front of the car and cracked the front fender. Upon return, we were charged 950 euros from our deposit. It would have been more if not for the minimal insurance.

We then made a claim with the insurance company from Chase Sapphire for the 950 euros.

After providing tons of documentation, the claim was refused because we had not declined all insurance!

Now, upon researching all clauses, it says all claims voided if all coverage insurance is not declined by us at the start.

Do we have any recourse?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
If you bought the car rental companies insurance- why aren’t you using it? You paid for it. You would most likely have had a deductible if you had insurance through your credit card.

Its true that most car rental companies will charge a large hold on your card if you don’t purchase their insurance. If you didn’t bring a copy of the policy that your credit card offers, they have no way to determine if you have any insurance. And the credit card company will not cover you unless you decline all the insurance the car rental company offers. So you are stuck with having to make a decision- a large hold or taking the car companies insurance.

The Sapphire terms do require you to decline all other coverage do you really have no option but to go through the car rental insurance.

And some countries require you to
purchase the car rentals insurance too.
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Dec 19, 2014
The terms and conditions of both of my credit cards that offer car rental protection do state that you have to decline ALL insurance for it to be in effect. Also, some credit card insurance is SECONDARY and a select few are PRIMARY. So just one additional factor to consider.

As to recourse? You probably have none.
You weren't forced to accept the insurance, you just had to leave a (very large) deposit.