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Mar 12, 2020
I have been having the worst experience ever. My account was fraudulently increased by business sales, my bills doubled. I have been trying to get this cleared up since November of last year. Sprint customer care or finance has now blocked all of my lines so that I cannot call in. I really need to speak to someone in authority immediately.
I posted my concern in the Sprint Community Forum as well. See Below

Re: How to reach executive office COMPLAINT

Good morning. This does not sound right. Let's look into this issue for you. My name is Juan and I'm with the Sprint social care department. Please send us a private message with your name, account holders name, phone number, account PIN or answer to the security question.

Sprint Social Care

Re: How to reach executive office COMPLAINT


I agree with you totally that this doesn't sound right, what type of company actually blocks their own customers, but believe me its right. There is nothing that technical support or anyone else on a non-corporate level can do to correct my issue which is why I am requesting that someone from the EXECUTIVE Office please contact me. I had a ticket open with technical support since Mid February, no one was able to find the issue, finally, on this past Monday, I called tech support from a number on my account that wasn't blocked. I put the call on speaker so that the technical support rep could hear what sound I was getting when I called from the limes in question. He immediately said Oh, that's a BLOCKED signal. I was transferred to another department a rep told me I was blocked because I've called in more than 100 times. I haven't called more than 100 times, but I have called profusely to get my billing error addressed. The rep told me someone would contact me in 3-5 days, I told the rep I found that to be unacceptable, I then asked to speak with a Supervisor, the Supervisor told me she didn't see anything that indicated my lines are blocked. I asked her to pull the call and listen to it, this way she could hear for herself that A Sprint Rep told me that my lines are blocked and why. She assured me that she would do so and call me back within an hour. Well, Juan, she didn't call back in an hour, I called back again the following day to find that yet another one of my lines is now blocked from calling Sprint. It started with 2 out of the 8 lines being blocked, now I know at least 3 of the lines are blocked. Do you think they will block me from owing my monthly fees to use this service?

More Info:
This situation began in October when I called Sprint Business to UPGRADE 2 of the lines on my account. A simple upgrade resulted in my account being increased by two lines, my bill going up tremendously. No one at Sprint really understood the situation as Business Sales dod NOTHING to investigate nor resolve the issue. After 3 months of waiting and troubleshooting resolution with Business Care, I decided to keep the unauthorized lines but disconnected 2 of my older lines, (I did this to prevent my account from being charged the early disconnect fees) I THOUGHT my nightmare was over as of February 2020. As of today, I STILL have 9 lines and I cant call Sprint to get this taken care of. What Company conducts business this way?????

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I hope you didn’t send Juan that information.

I don’t understand your complaint though. Are you saying they added 2 extra lines instead of upgrading? What were you upgrading the lines to?

You need to go above Customer Service. Here are our company contacts for Sprint:

Send an email to Elise Manzo and explain the situation. You must be more clear though.

On xx/xx/, I called Sprint to upgrade two lines on my business phone. Instead, Sprint added two lines and my bills increased to $xxx when they should have increased to $xxx.

I have been in contact with your Customer Service Dept. xx times to get this corrected and my bill credited for your error and it hasn’t been resolved.

I would appreciate your help in correcting this and having my account credited in full for the errors. Thank you.

Give her a week to reply. If she doesn’t, move to the next executive.Repeat weekly if necessary.
Mar 12, 2020
I thought about that immediately but wasn't sure what else to do. I will find a way to contact them to change the PIN. Thank you
Nov 22, 2019
So you wanted to upgrade two lines (I guess you mean to upgrade the smartphones using these lines, using some of Sprint finance plans, right?) and instead they added two lines. I guess when you saw the new bill, the 14-days grace period was already over. I got a similar issue with AT&T my second year in USA!

What do you mean by "my bill doubled"? If you just have two more lines, it should be an increase of $40-$90 a month at max, the rest mights be a change of plan or just the two new phones!

Now you can use company contacts and I (I am just a new member here) would suggest to only focus on unlocking your account first. I think they block the account only when the bill is past due a month, have you paid your bills? or did you consider that it was unfair, refused to pay it? I would suggest to pay everything that is due, unclock the account, and later look at the financial aspect. In any case, if you don't pay it will go to collection so not paying is not putting more power on your side (in my opinion). There mights be issues also with the phones you added since they blocked 2 out of 8 lines at first, I don't understand why they would block only a few line and not the full account. It only happens if a line is reported stolen, did you have other contact with them that are not posted here?

Also, companies have offers such as get $100 off if you upgrade a line, get $500 off if you add a new line (much higher offer). You should check if you had some of these.


Mar 23, 2015
Don’t you have a local Sprint store you can go into? A face to face coherent discussion would probably be easier for all of you. But I’m unclear how adding two lines doubled your charges unless you’re paying for line access plus new phones? If they blocked you then you were most likely being abusive to the agents on the phone. Being frustrate is natural but no company will allow you to yell at or berate their employees.
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