DirecTV Now

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Mar 20, 2015
Are you getting complaints about DirecTV Now? Twitter is absolutely littered with the error message that everyone is getting, QP1502. Their support seems confused, alternately telling people to reset their devices, or sit tight, or change out cabling. It's a mess. I prepaid for the service and got an AppleTV out of the deal but I'm somewhat unsure as to whether the AppleTV was worth the price of my sanity. The service cuts out once or twice a minute during peak times and needs to be reloaded each time. I've written the executive contacts on your website asking for some sort of resolution or expected timeframe for resolution.

They won't even tell us what's wrong! It doesn't seem like an app issue. Netflix is basically the same streaming technology and doesn't have really anything on its Twitter regarding end user issues. Neither does SlingTV. The WSJ is on it:

Is this what we get for prepaying? DirecTV needs to be way more upfront about what's going on. This has now been over a month of not working service.



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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Wow, this must be really annoying. It sounds like you should just stay on top of "all the news" every day to see if you can dredge up a clue as to what's going on. And even if you know what's going on, there may not yet be a solution if the problem is system-wide. Hopefully others will have something to add here, as I am only able to offer you sympathy.
Nov 3, 2015
Not only that, but they're going to jump the price to $60 (from $35/month) on 9 January.

Is there any chance that you're looking at channels that have been caught in the retransmission wars? See: Or in an area with insufficient cell tower service?

Mumble years ago, my husband ordered cell phones for us from AT&T under some sort of special deal with his company. His worked fine; mine didn't. In the painful process of trying to get my cell phone to work correctly (which almost caused me to have a 1960s style sit-in at the local store) I heard from various customer service reps that "Your phone won't work unless the primary phone on the account is also calling" and "You wore your phone out and need to buy a new one" (3 days? 1 call successfully completed?) and that if I wanted to use my cell phone to make a call, all I had to do was call AT&T from a landline and they'd reset fhe phone. (?!?!?!?!?!!! o_O:mad::confused:) (Actually, the phone needed a non-defective SIM card, which I finally persuaded them to try.) Which is a very long way around to saying, "good luck, be firm, be patient, and don't let 'em peg the bovine fertilizer meter".
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Jan 20, 2015
NAPLES FL or Denver CO
We have DirecTV through our building HOA in Denver and are not experiencing any problems at all at this time.
For ourselves, we only get the basic package and add on HD and DVR monthly. We do not have any upgrade channels.
Jul 27, 2016
The OP is talking about DirecTV Now, which is their brand-new streaming video product, not the long-standing satellite video product.
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