Claim of new damage to rental car - 5 weeks after rental

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Aug 1, 2017
I returned a car to SIXT. There was no damage or incident associated with the car while in my possession. Two attendants were there to receive the car. We waited patiently for the manager to sign us out. She did and said we were good to go. Seemingly an uneventful and typical rental. Five weeks later I received a letter citing new damage to the car while under my rental and stating the incident date as the day I returned it. My daughter was with me and completely concurred that there was no damage done. The letter stated an incident date of the date of return which makes no sense given that there was no incident. I notified my insurance company and we agreed that I should send a certified letter to the company stating there was no associated incident while in my possession asking for (1) their description of the damage; Confirmation of the VIN#, (3) the exact date it was noticed; (4) for photos and videos showing the damage and inspection; (5) the names of the two attendants and manager who signed me out; (6) whether the car was moved by them before the inspection; and (7) why I was not informed at the point of return. This is an absolutely false claim and I feel that I'm in for a lot of time and aggravation on this matter. Any help on how to be efficient and procedural, including right questions, in this process is appreciated. Thank Forum group.