Billed for DirecTV warranty I didn't agree to

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Sep 18, 2014
Looking for some advice on how to proceed with this. Apologies for the length.

Today we received an e-mail from Chase questioning a transaction charged to our Chase credit card. I replied in the e-mail that it was fraudulent, then immediately called them to follow up. Fraud team rep asked me about several other recent transactions, nearly all of which were fraud. Card was canceled & we're getting new ones issued.

Got off that call & realized I'd better look at our other most-used cards to ensure they were set up with fraud alerts. Went to US Bank website, which instructed me to call to set up a fraud alert for that card. During that call, rep asked about a couple of recent transactions. One was legit (I bought a new iPhone yesterday), but the other was from a company I didn't recognize -- Clear Satellite Inc., for $6.99. I asked if there was any information on what the company did. Google search said they are a DirecTV retailer, rep said this charge (for "warranty") has been appearing on my US Bank credit card bill since November 2016. (We switched from U-verse to DirecTV last August.) Rep suggested I call DirecTV to see if they could verify the charge. I did; DirecTV rep knew nothing about the company. Called back US Bank with that info; rep said "your card has been compromised, we'll have to issue new ones." She also agreed to credit back the Clear Satellite charges from November until present. We'll see if Clear Satellite disputes it.

(Aside: Why do new credit cards have to float around in the regular mail system for 5 - 7 days or more, leaving them vulnerable to abuse/theft before I get them? Can't the banks use a faster delivery in these cases?)

Anyway, I then decided to call Clear Satellite to see what they would tell me. The rep confirmed that yes, they are a nationwide 3rd-party provider for DirecTV (and Dish), & that the $6.99/month charges were for a "service protection plan", covering parts and labor for the DTV equipment. She named my rep, claiming he should have explained the warranty. I replied that there was no such discussion with the sales rep & that I signed nothing agreeing to a warranty -- & BTW, how did they get the credit card to which they were charging this? Never got an answer. My DTV bill (which is bundled with other AT&T services) is debited from our checking account each month. Rep said she would cancel the contract. The spooky thing about this was that I was never asked my name or DTV account # while on the phone with Clear Satellite ... guess it showed up on their caller ID?

Just before I sat down to write this, I looked for the paperwork we got when we signed up for DirecTV. The contract from Clear Satellite was for the installation, not the actual DTV service. The installer contract does have a section at the bottom about the Iron Shield Service Protection Plan, & offers 3 levels; lowest tier is Silver Plan for $6.99/month. It shows my signature but I DID NOT check any box for a warranty, nor the box authorizing payment for such. And I still don't know how they got my credit card to charge for this.

I'm considering contacting the Utah Attorney General's office to file a complaint on Clear Satellite (they're based in Orem, UT). Am I going over someone's head here or ? Would love to hear other viewpoints.
Thanks for reading this.
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Sep 18, 2014
I agree with you reporting this to your State Attorney General. That is absolutely the right thing to do.

You should also report to the FTC. Here is the address to file a omplaint
@Neil, should I also contact my state's AG, in addition to Utah's? I live in MO, but Clear Satellite is HQ'd in Utah and that was why I planned to contact that state's AG. (I do like your suggestion re: FTC and will cc them.)


Apr 10, 2017
Did you have to use a credit card at the initial install as a deposit of sorts on the equipment? Like what a hotel or rental car company would require? I'm not saying that would necessarily make sense in this case but I'm just trying to help you figure out how they got your credit card number.

This warranty charge is probably tacked onto a lot of people's bills and they're banking on customers not realizing it. But when someone does notice it they will remove it so as not to make the customer pursue it further and garner unwanted attention. AT&T did that to me with some ridiculous $9.99 monthly cell phone charge I'd never wanted. I questioned it and they removed it immediately and gave me full credit for all payments.