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  1. W

    AA1612 - Had to buy 2 tickets for the same flight

    I flew back to California on American Airlines last week. There is a flight from Greenville, South Carolina to Dallas to Palm Springs. I bought the legs separately in order to avoid having to make an extra stop at Charlotte and run to get the flight while travelling to Greenville. Earlier...
  2. P

    Amazon would rather I sent items back and reorder than offer a refund?

    I purchased 3 items from Amazon.com just a few days back.. I did some checking and 3 of them are now selling for lower prices. I chatted with their customer service rep and they refused to help me out. I then tried customer service on twitter... finally I emailed all the contacts listed here...
  3. M

    Enterprise is charging me for "hidden" damages.

    Hello there. I'm reaching out to you today because I was doing research and came across my EXACT situation posted on here from Jan 2014. Earlier this month I rented a vehicle from Enterprise. Before I left, the associate and I looked over the car and agreed it was fine. I had the car for 3...
  4. J

    Alamo charges for unseen damage

    Hey Chris – just wanted your opinion on a damaged rental car. We rented from Alamo in Sanford Florida in May – It was raining and no one took us to the car. They just pointed to a group of cars, and said pick one. When we returned the car they found that the rear taillight was cracked and...
  5. J


    We booked air travel between Boston and Dublin with Aer Lingus, and Dublin and Carcassonne on Ryanair for a 3 week vacation in France. The day before our planned return date of June 23 French air traffic controllers announced a one day strike, and the Ryanair flight for the first leg of our...
  6. I

    American Airlines took my money

    In August, my husband and I booked a flight to Tampa for a fundraising event. On the day of the event, American Airlines would not let us board, saying that we were at the ticket counter 27 minutes before the flight and were late by 3 minutes. Ours is a small airport and 27 minutes is more...