rental car damage

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  1. thisisbw

    Enterprise - DRU Claim Weeks Later

    In December 2018, I was in a collision in my own car. My insurance company uses Enterprise and sent me there for a rental. When picking up the car, they put my insurance on the information. My wife was driving the car and the car ball joint literally broke apart when turning a corner. We called...
  2. B

    Timeline for Rental Car Damage

    Hello everyone, My husband and I rented an Avis car early July 2017 in Calgary, Alberta within Canada. Unfortunately we hit a deer in Montana shortly after crossing into the US. Thankfully, no one was hurt (except the deer), but the car did sustain rather significant damage. We were able to...
  3. G

    Hertz Norway through AutoEurope: February till May and counting

    I rented a car with my two friends in Norway (Tromso Airport) from Hertz. There was a blizzard. Car got stuck WITHIN the confines of an actual road. We contacted the proposed road service company. They came after 7 hours, the car was just fine. They told us to leave because the car was stuck in...
  4. E

    Hertz Rental in Germany

    Email dated Feb 15, 2017 Hertz Germany wanted EURO 306.97 for damages from rental in June, 2016. Advised them on Feb 19, 2017 that evidence was needed from them before any consideration would be given to even thinking of payment however much. The tone and substance of the reply to Hertz...
  5. B

    Drivo/Economy/EZ rent-a-car shakedown

    Hi everyone, hoping for some help here. On August 5th I rented a minivan from Economy rent-a-car near JFK airport to visit my folks. I declined their insurance, as the credit card I used to pay for the car has insurance as one of the benefits. We had no issues with the car for the whole trip...
  6. Dan P

    Act of God

    Your advice please: My wife rented an Enterprise car in AVL. The car was in her possession when a violent storm hit. This "Act of God" cracked the windshield while the car was parked in a parking lot at Grandfather Mountain, NC. She is being charged for something she didn't do. Is this...
  7. S

    Damage charges

    This is about bogus damage charges on the Hertz car I rented for five days in Sicily last month (May 2016). When I returned the car, the Hertz check-in agent identified some bumper scratches that had not been noted as preexisting, for which I was charged 109 euros plus, to add insult to...