credit card

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  1. L


    I was with capital one for a little under a year they recently closed my account because my bank again had bounced my payments to them which was not my fault this time or the 1st time they close my count secured credit card 1 of them put on my credit report that they close my accounts because I...
  2. K

    Blatant Fraud by Hertz Agents - please help

    Hello Advocates, My husband and I took a recent trip to Costa Rica where we reserved and rented a vehicle with Hertz. Upon arriving home, we found our credit card had been stolen and the unauthorized charges were piling up. We immediately contacted cc company and they canceled card. We began to...
  3. H

    Hold charges & requirements for France rental?

    I'm renting from the CDG hertz in a few weeks and made the reservation over the phone for the sole purpose of making sure all my "t"s were crossed and my "i"s dotted. The reservation itself is fine, but I'm discovering the info I received at the time of booking may be incorrect. I'm hoping...
  4. Pedro_R

    Credit Cards - How I put a freeze on all my credit cards (Visa, Amex, MC)

    Just wanted to share this, in case someone else is in my situation. I wanted to control the use of my credit cards, or more precisely, get rid of a bunch of automatic monthly charges that I have of them. You know, cloud storage for my iPhone, Google Drive Space, name it. I had so...
  5. T

    Hawaiian Air MasterCard - proceed with caution

    This is more of a "buyer beware" cautionary tale, as ultimately, the situation is my fault for not scrutinizing the VERY fine print. In June 2017, we took a vacation to Hawaii and flew Hawaiian Air. On the flight back to the mainland from HNL, the flight crew was really pushing the Barclay's...
  6. Pedro_R

    Credit Info Stolen - Someone opening CC's using my info

    Back in September I got a note from Equifax stating that my credit record could've been compromised. I check and yes, it was. I was offered (and I signed up) for the Trusted ID service they promoted. I also went and requested a credit freeze on all of the 3 major credit reporting agencies...
  7. Peggy13 cancellation policy

    ISSUE RESOLVED – June 23 to July 18, 2017 In June, I booked a property on in Saint-Remy-de-Provence (for May, 2018) which I thought offered free cancellation. Once booked, I received an email stating the booking was paid in full (e$2592 - $2,906USD). I immediately cancelled the...
  8. M

    Problem with Chase Sapphire Car Rental Insurance

    I was involved in a car accident on March 31st. On that same day I reported the accident to my primary insurance company and called Chase Sapphire since I was aware of the secondary coverage they provided that would cover my deductible and other charges my primary insurance would not cover. The...
  9. AAGK

    Credit card disputes

    There are a few nuances of this process that even savy consumers do not understand. I like this article bc it clarifies some of the murkier aspects.
  10. A

    Are Credit Card Companies Required to Provide Original Currency Details?

    I recently traveled to Europe using the Bank of America Travel Reward card. When I received my statement and on my on-line account, all I can see if the amount of the transaction in US dollars. There is no information provided about the amount in the original currency or the conversion rate...
  11. B

    Marriott/Chase credit card bonus not honored.

    I entered my application on a Chase/Marriott portal page on the web offering 50,000 Marriott points requiring a spend of $2,000 in the first 90 days plus 5,000 Marriott points for additional authorized user. My account received 10,000 points for a reason unknown to me. I have been dealing with...