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  1. J

    iPhone repair under repair program refused by Apple until paid for other repairs

    I have an iPhone 7 with a "No service" issue. This happened after a forced update on it. Since we updated it, it does not connect to the cellular. This is what steps I took to resolve it: - calling Xfinity Mobile (our cell provider) and debugged it with the CS representative. They claimed, it...
  2. petekjohnson

    Apple has locked my Apple ID and is refusing to say why or unlock it

    Without any warning or after-the-fact explanation, several days ago my Apple ID was “locked for security reasons.” I should have been able to go through a process to get it unlocked (by being asked to answer security questions, personal questions, billing details, etc), but no matter what I...
  3. K

    Faulty Logic Board with 2018 MacBook Air

    Approximately 1 year & 5 months ago, I bought the 2018 Macbook Air (Retina, 13-inch) and I was using it for my school work etc. However, one morning about 3 weeks ago, I tried turning my Macbook on and it would not turn on. I visited the Apple website, did all the procedures but nothing. I...
  4. D

    Apple Developer Conference registration draconian refund policy

    I filled out an online lottery-style registration for an Apple developer's conference that's much in demand every year. I subsequently learned I would be unable to attend the conference due to a work conflict -- our company was having an out-of-town offsite that same week. I'd meant to withdraw...
  5. K

    Apple Subscription problem

    Hello, I have been reading this website for years and I have always used the lessons to apply to my life and have usually had favorable results. This time I am at my wits end and i'm not sure what steps to take next. 4 days ago Apple charged my account 5 times for my HBO Now subscription ($16.10...