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    South Africa Trip Refund From Tour Agency

    Advantage International is an online booking agency. The money you paid them was used to pay the various vendors (guides, transportation, entrance fees, lodging, etc) for your tour. You were given notice about these vendors in the T&C when you booked this trip. More importantly, Advantage did...
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    VRBO not refunding a reservation they cancelled

    Did the local govt ban short term vacation rentals in Cooperstown for the period of your booked stay? VRBO tells owners to follow the local ordinances and regulations regarding Covid and work with guests to reschedule, refund (either partial or full) or provide future credit. But I’ve never...
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    Festiva Timeshare / Festiva Adventure Club

    Have you tried renting your week out to help mitigate some of the maint fee costs? You could try listing it on Timeshare Users Group to give it away to another individual. They also provide guidance on how to do that. Or consider trading it thru Interval Int’l for a different place to visit...
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    I need help unfreezing my venmo account

    Do you have a balance in your Venmo account? I also don’t understand why you sent money to the same person 5 different times, presumably all in one day. Does your sister have a verified account on Venmo allowing her to receive more than the allowed amount per week? You need to be prepared that...
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    I need help unfreezing my venmo account

    I suspect you exceeded Venmo’s weekly rolling limit when you made multiple transfers (in one day?) to your sister’s account. If you often find yourself meeting or exceeding your weekly rolling limit, you should read and understand Venmo’s policy on that...
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    Airbnb Hosting

    I’ve never cancelled a booking even when the guest requests it but with their permission, I’ve changed a booking to a future date so they can cancel later without penalty for either of us. I’m surprised you mentioned doing this because when I’ve told other hosts about it, I was slammed with a...
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    Debit card billing address verification

    It’s your debit card. You need to research the types of debit cards Amazon accepts. If this is a pre-paid debit card, Amazon has additional restrictions on them too.
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    AA Refund?

    Call AA, tell them you want a refund back to the original form of payment. Don’t let them talk you into rebooking or accepting a voucher.
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    Wedding Venue cancellation in Italy

    The deposit was non-refundable from the moment the OP agreed to the terms. Wedding vendors are notoriously inflexible with their non refundable policies. But this venue is offering a future credit to be used at the OP’s discretion and is quite flexible. If asked, they might even be willing to...
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    Ryanair flight change

    As you mentioned, you have to go thru their Live Chat if you really want the refund.
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    Can I get money back for a hotel room I booked before covid happened?

    Usually nonrefundable hotel reservations also means non-transferable and non-changeable. Those are the terms you agreed to in exchange for getting a discounted rate. This was true even before Covid. Since you booked thru Expedia, the hotel likely won’t be willing to give you an exception to the...
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    Amazon please STOP sending me unordered merchandise

    The items I got were things like a spatula or a vegetable peeler, something small and cheaply made that thousands of sellers list on Amazon. Hard to narrow it down to just one seller. There’s no paperwork enclosed and the return address label is to - surprise! - Amazon.
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    Dispute on traffic ticket in Italy

    They usually tell you to pay the fine by bank transfer. The instructions would’ve been with the notice. Your bank or credit union could have helped you with that. I paid my fine by bank transfer thru my credit union. I knew I had a ticket when I was still in country - apparently the rental car...
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    AliExpress deactivating customers' accounts unfairly leaving us out of money

    I think your account, as a whole and over the course of your business dealings with them, just became more problematic than profitable for AliExpress, particularly during a global pandemic when Alibaba seems to be enforcing their force majeure clause. You may never know exactly what set off the...
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    Lufthansa - Refund or credit denied for a trip cancelled by Covid-19

    I take this to mean your ticket was nonrefundable. If that’s the case and you cancelled before Lufthansa had a chance to, you aren’t eligible for either a refund or a voucher.
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    If you have proof in writing that you requested this order be cancelled long before the shipping date, I would dispute the $449 shipping and cancellation charge when it posts on the credit card.
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    Your reservation was originally nonrefundable plus you were a no-show. Did you mention that you were a no-show when you originally chatted with an agent? Even under their Covid policy, the best you could’ve received was a voucher but you still would’ve been required to cancel first. In the...
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    So you were a no-show? Pre-Covid,’s T&C charged a cancellation fee but they stopped doing that when Covid happened. But you always had to cancel either online thru your account or by calling customer service. No-shows are usually not refundable.
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    Banned from Venmo; no help from CS team

    Venmo doesn’t explain why they ban customers. They aren’t required to and even if they did, I have the feeling you wouldn’t accept their reasons. By your admission, there were several things your account was being used for that looked a little suspicious and raised alarm bells from Venmo’s...
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    Bluebird American Express

    A skimmer can read the PIN too, esp if a fake keypad was placed over the real one.