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    The MLB et al need to be morally responsible and cancel the event.
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    Michelle... can we get contact info for MLB and Blue Jays and Red Sox please!
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    From reseller Seat Geek
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    Just received Ticketmaster refund for Canadian Olympic Swim Trials seating because the event was cancelled. $800. Have the same amount held hostage by SeatGeek for seats for March 29 MLB Toronto Blue Jays vs Red Sox because the event has "been postponed." No way will we be able to return to see...
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    Expedia and British Airways

    This could very well be the end of Expedia if they don’t realize the goodwill they are losing and eat their losses. I for one will never book through them again. Once bitten ....
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    Iberia Airlines and Gate Assignment for Flights

    Last year we flew Iberia JFK to Dubrovnik changing through Madrid. We, and we found out later others, found Madrid Airport the most disorganized airport ever encountered. We almost missed our connecting flight due to inconsistent information, confusing directions, poor signage and unanticipated...
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    Frigidaire fridge inside wall cracks

    In 2017 we made the mistake of buying an entire kitchen of Frigidaire appliances. The laundry center developed severe seal and bearing issues and we were forced to replace it (after less than 2 years of use, outside warranty and after $100 tech inspection). The fridge was replaced by the vendor...
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    DirecTV bill too high? Advocate for yourself

    Beware trying to pay monthly Direct TV service bill by phone. AT&T's automatic phone isnt. For the past three months I've tried to pay my bill by phone and each time I've been shunted to a live rep. This month it took me 24 minutes to pay a $7 bill (I'm on seasonal hold). I was dumbfounded when...
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    Expedia woes: an $8 scam, confusion, no access to Fraud Dept.

    This is a job for Elliott Org! Does Expedia own TripAdvisor?
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    Expedia woes: an $8 scam, confusion, no access to Fraud Dept.

    Why am I not surprised? Goodbye TripAdviser. Your credibility is now lacking.
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    Expedia woes: an $8 scam, confusion, no access to Fraud Dept.

    I would never use Expedia again. Our car rental in Europe last year was purchased throughExpedia/Hertz. We were overcharged (double Expedia agreed price) and only with the help of Elliott Org. were we able to resolve this obvious ripoff. Friends, stay clear of Expedia in all its forms.
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    Delta cancelled my flight home because I didnt use the ticket out

    I could be totally wrong but I remember buying two return tickets and going out on the first ticket and returning on the second. That ability changed, I believe after 9/11. Probably a security issue?
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    Hilton Grand Vacations Club

    Wow Elliott Advocacy you did it again! As per your instructions I wrote a polite letter to the top Honcho at HGVC with no response. On your advice I went to the second in command and withing 36 hours I received a nice letter advising that we were to be refunded the $80 "non" reservation fee. It...