A report from the Oregon coast, where minimalists vacation

Aren Elliott explores the beach in Neskowin, Ore.
Aren Elliott explores the beach in Neskowin, Ore.

We just spent a week exploring the beaches and dunes near Lincoln City, Neskowin and Pacific City, Ore. The desolation of this coast is is spellbinding. It’s where minimalists go on vacation.

It’s also the fourth stop on our West Coast road tip, which began in Vegas, headed south to San Diego, and then continued to Mendocino.

We had big plans, as we always do. We wanted to make it to Portland to see our friends (if we missed you, we’re sorry — we still love you!). We made it as far north as Tillamook, because we do love cheese and ice cream. If you haven’t toured the cheese factory, I can highly recommend it.

Oregon’s coast can be warm and inviting one minute and bitter cold the next, but it always takes a good picture. We stayed in a vacation rental with a stunning view of the coast as part of our family travel blogging project. It was an amazing place that proved to be a destination unto itself. I’ll link to the story when it’s published.

You can see many of the worthwhile sights on Oregon’s coast in just a week, but something tells me this place has many other secrets that will be revealed on future visits.

But that will have to wait for another time. Our next, and final stop on this trip is Seattle. Details soon.

Christopher Elliott

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  • james woods

    very nice post and a great trip ahead…i always enjoyed your post and this is no exception. thanks a lot for sharing and waiting for next.

  • dr44

    It’s more like “the Oregon coast can be warm and inviting about 10% of the time and bitter cold otherwise”, but glad you caught a good day.
    Next time check out the central and southern Oregon coasts – every bit as nice, fewer tourists from the Portland area.