Are you negotiating in good faith?


The house had been on the market for almost two years, and now the price was down. Way down.

I was ready to make an offer.

“You might want to get the roof checked out,” said the home inspector. “It looks pretty old to me.”

“Pretty old” was an understatement. Our insurance company refused to write a policy on a home with a roof that was older than eight years. The roof on the house we were about to purchase was 19 years old. Not only that, it was worn out from one too many Texas hailstorms.
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When did the Ritz-Carlton start running an airline?


Anne August and her husband never expected to lose their checked bag while flying to Paris from Boston on Icelandair. Then again, no one does.

But the Augusts never could have anticipated what would happen next. Not only was the bag found quickly, but Icelandair immediately compensated them right at the terminal above and beyond what’s customary.

When did the Ritz-Carlton start running an airline?
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How to survive password purgatory without losing your data (or your mind)


I already know how I’m going to meet my maker. It’s just a matter of when.

Someone’s going to find me face-planted into my keyboard, with the coroner’s diagnosis of death by acute Password Retention Pox.

Does anyone else see a similar fate in their future?

I just counted the number of sites that I visit at least once a month (and most more often than that) that need a password. There are no less than 45.

The human brain was never intended to juggle this many personal identification balls in the air.
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