A hot time in Pompeii, Italy

The highlight of this trip so far — other than interviewing the voice of SpongeBob, which I’ll do tomorrow — has been visiting Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius.

Oh, wow. This was totally worth it.
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Volcano strands couple in Portugal for a week — is this an “extraordinary” circumstance, or what?

Even though EU 261, Europe’s strict consumer law for air travelers, has an exception for what are called “extraordinary” circumstances, Europe’s big carriers made a big deal about not invoking that clause when the cloud of volcanic ash spread across their airspace earlier this month.

Unless you were David Bray, who couldn’t return to Washington from Lisbon, Portugal, via Frankfurt on Lufthansa.

“My wife and I are currently stranded in Portugal,” he wrote to me last Monday. “What’s frustrating is flights are entering and departing Portugal for the U.S., but we’re with Lufthansa and they won’t help with rebooking with another carrier to get back to the U.S.”
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