I didn’t scratch the floor on my vacation rental – why should I have to pay?

The circumstances of Saundra Lyon-Reiser's recent home rental were less than ideal. She'd gathered her extended family in Aptos, Calif., to bury her mother and grieve their collective loss.

Help, my Mexican vacation rental pocketed my deposit!

Nancie Thomas had no reason to believe the owner of her vacation rental in Akumal, Mexico, would keep her $1,000 deposit. Her friends had rented the same house on three separate occasions, "and had a great experience each time," she says.

A report from the Oregon coast, where minimalists vacation

We just spent a week exploring the beaches and dunes near Lincoln City, Neskowin and Pacific City, Ore. The desolation of this coast is is spellbinding. It's where minimalists go on vacation.

A few missed opportunities in San Diego — and a hit or two

These shacks at the end of Crystal Pier on Mission Beach were among the highlights of my visit to San Diego last week. You can actually stay in one of the larger cottages right on the pier, which is something I've never seen.

I canceled my vacation rental, but they’re keeping my deposit

Pat Morin’s vacation rental in Aruba is a disaster -- and she hasn’t even left yet. She’s trying to get her money back, but the owner refuses. Is there any hope?

Something’s still “phishy” about vacation rentals

If you think the words “vacation rental” and “phishing” are all but synonymous, you’re not alone. Just talk to Ann Schutte, who recently found a rental villa with a “million-dollar” view in Sedona, Ariz., through the rental Web site VRBO.com.

Can you trust a vacation rental?

The two-bedroom apartment in the trendy Tunali neighbor-hood of Ankara, Turkey, that Richard and Ellen Lacroix rented through Airbnb fell dramatically short of their expectations.