Are airlines moving the loyalty program goalposts?

Every week or so I get a complaint about the elusive nature of loyalty programs.

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“Your advice worked!”

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Four secrets for upgrading your next vacation

Think this is bad? It could get worse. Much worse.

Are hotels upgrading their customer service during this downturn?

Conventional wisdom says that during a recession, you cut, cut, cut your way back to profitability. That includes slashing resources devoted to customer service. But some hotels are going against the grain.

Children in first class? 3 suggestions for the kids ‘up front’

Kids in first class. Should we or shouldn’t we? And if so, when? Allow me to state my completely unbiased opinion right up front. No. We should not. At least not mine. Here's why.

“A prime example of bureaucratic nonsense and inefficiency”

Why can't airlines make money? No, it's not high fuel prices (otherwise, most of Europe's airlines would have gone belly-up long ago). Bad management? Maybe. Then again, it could just be a lack of common sense.