OK, now airlines have gone too far (or have they?)

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, they’ve done it again.

Here’s the latest outrage, courtesy of Josh Dare. He booked five tickets to Europe on United Airlines (sigh, yes — United Airlines) and then had the audacity to purchase a sixth ticket using points earned through his credit card.

Well, no one’s perfect.
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Am I stuck with this plane ticket?

Catherine McFadden wants to know if she’s stuck with her United Airlines itinerary. A few weeks ago, she booked the ticket from Sacramento, Calif., to Greensboro, N.C. Then the airline had second thoughts.

“I based my purchase on the price and the fact there was only one stop,” she says.
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Advice for United’s new CEO: be real, be good — and be nice

If you’re one of United Airlines’ valued customers, you probably received a “personal” message from Oscar Munoz, United’s new president and CEO, yesterday.

As weary consumers, we’ve become immune to inboxes loaded with corporate mumbo jumbo from our “friends” at company A, B or C. But this letter is worth reading — not so much for what it says, but what it doesn’t say.
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Is United’s new frequent flier program created for wealthy rocket scientists?

Frequent flier programs have always been complicated and at times seemingly irrational, even for frequent fliers and travel agents.

But United’s new MileagePlus program takes it to a whole new level, since travelers who care about both Elite Status and award tickets now have to consider three different numbers for each trip.

No joke. And two out of three of those numbers are not obvious.
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