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    An unaccompanied minor fee for my accompanied minors? What’ll they think of next?

An unaccompanied minor fee for my accompanied minors? What’ll they think of next?

Airline junk fees come in all shapes and sizes, but this one may rank among the most bizarre. It comes […]

Help! United left my 13-year-old daughter in Syracuse

What does United Airlines’ unaccompanied minor fee cover? Katrina Cichosz wants to know, and after reviewing her case, I’m kind […]

Whose responsibility are those unaccompanied minors?

Christina Welsch is young, dresses conservatively, and is usually alone when she flies.

Is this enough compensation? Sorry, your kids have the wrong ticket

Like any good father, LeRoy Villanueva tried to cover all of his bases when he put his two children on a plane from Paris to Los Angeles recently. Most important to him was buying the required unaccompanied minor service, which would allow his kids to fly without an adult.

This could have turned out very badly

It's every parent's worst nightmare: Your 11-year-old son is scheduled to fly home on his own, but on the eve of his departure, the airline tells him his ticket is no good. Specifically, he has no ticket. It happened to Meera Gopalan this weekend.
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