Hey Travelocity, where the $#*!@ is my money?

Tenaya Newkirk wants her money back from Travelocity. But instead of offering her a quick refund, it's giving her excuses.

‘Am I in some kind of bureaucratic travel hell?’

Peggy Kite’s flights from Washington to Bozeman, Mont., are rescheduled by her airline, leaving her with an abbreviated connection time — and an expanded bill. Specifically, there’s an extra charge of $1,534. How does she get that removed?

The Travel Troubleshooter: Maybe the price guarantee isn’t all-inclusive?

When the price of Steven Estrella's Cancun vacation takes a nosedive after he's already paid for it, he tries to make a claim under his online travel agency's price guarantee. But for some reason, the company never processes his claim. What's going on? And will he ever see a refund?

Oh no! They lost my ticket refund

Karen Smith loses her paper airline ticket to Spain and has to buy a new one. Now her airline is dragging its feet on a promised refund on the second ticket, and her online travel agency isn't helping. How do you get them moving?

Can this trip be saved? Wrong middle name on my airline ticket

Having the wrong name on your airline ticket is no longer a minor inconvenience, now that the TSA has begun enforcing its name-matching requirements for airline tickets. And that could be a show-stopper for Jesse Demastrie and his wife, who are scheduled to fly from Washington to Las Vegas for the holidays.

Why is Travelocity “unable” to refund my ticket?

When Marko Grdesic tries to make a change to his itinerary, a Travelocity representative tells him it will cost another $300. It doesn't. The online agency bills him $4,000, and despite promises to refund the money, it won't. What now?

Wrong name on plane ticket means son won’t be home for Christmas — what now?

Mariana Damon thought she had booked a ticket for her son to fly home for Christmas when she called Travelocity.