Why you still need it on paper, even in 2015

It’s hard to believe that there was a time in the not-too-distant past when travelers needed paper tickets to fly. And even when there was an e-ticket option, many preferred having actual tickets in hand.

Almost all tickets are electronic these days and many people travel casually without paper.

That’s a mistake. Some things are just safer to have in writing.
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Help! My travel insurance didn’t work like I thought it would

One of the most common answers to a travel problem is: You should have bought insurance. I’ve said it and chances are, you have too.

And it’s true — except when it isn’t.

Consider what happened to Janice Zatarain, who bought a travel insurance policy through Travelex to cover her family trip to Europe. She, her husband and her son would be flying from San Francisco to London and Paris.
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What would make summer travel even better?

Is it too soon to start thinking about summer travel? Maybe just a little. But it’s not too soon to think about making summer travel better.

Early numbers suggest more Americans will vacation during the warm months than last year. They plan to spend 8% more on leisure travel than in 2014, according to a recent survey conducted by Choice Hotels. That’ll translate into an average of four to five trips this year, and most of them will happen during the summer season, an AARP survey says.
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Travelers find new opportunities to do good

After hundreds of business trips and a vacation or two, Clement Quintyne’s Briggs & Riley Rollaboard was ready for the recycler. The wheels were worn and the outside was frayed.

His wife, Debra, figured it was time for new luggage. But what to do with the old bag?
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