I had a panic attack and it ruined my honeymoon

Here's another one for my "honeymoon from hell" file. It comes to us by way of Christine Vianello, who was all set to fly to Jamaica after getting married last October when something went terribly wrong.

Does travel insurance have too many exceptions?

Catherine Markland assumes her travel insurance policy will cover her canceled tour. But it doesn't. Can her trip be saved?

Why doesn’t travel insurance cover dad’s illness?

When Jessica Kamzik's father was diagnosed with stomach cancer last summer, there was no question about what she had to do. Dad's prognosis was "grave" -- the doctors said he probably wouldn't make it to the holidays -- and, "as any loving daughter would do, I immediately cancelled our vacation to stay closer to him," she says.

Do I really need travel insurance? This might help you decide

Do you need insurance for your next trip?

Travel insurance policy claim denied for vaccine cancellation

Richard Effress though he had a perfectly legitimate reason for canceling part of his trip to Africa with his mother: new requirement that travelers entering South Africa needed a yellow fever vaccine. He was certain his travel insurance policy would cover the change.

The Travel Troubleshooter: Is my lost train ticket a lost cause?

When Stephanie Sanzo loses her Eurail pass, she's promised a quick refund. But now, more than a year later, the 313-euro refund is still missing in action. Is she out of luck?

The Travel Troubleshooter: Is a ‘natural cause’ a pre-existing condition?

When Cheryl Ellis’ mother dies unexpectedly before her vacation, she’s told by her insurance company to cancel her trip and that the claim will be taken care of. But it isn’t — instead, it’s denied because of a pre-existing condition. But her mother died of natural causes. What now?