When should I hire a travel agent?

When should you put the computer down and talk to a real travel agent? I’ll tell you when to

A problem with your reservation? Maybe your travel agency should pay

When Jennifer Forbes and her husband checked in for a recent flight from Richmond to Freeport, Bahamas, they discovered that there are worse ways to start a vacation than having an invalid ticket.

Are rental cars unsafe?

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“Apparently with Carnival, the passenger does not always come first”

Kristen Hernandez thought she'd found a bargain on the Carnival Breeze next month. Or, to be more precise, she thought her travel agent had found one.

Her plans changed, but now her travel agent wants her to pay up

Any day now, I'm expecting a call from Heather Barksdale's travel agent. That's because she owes the agency for a plane ticket to Europe -- or at least, that's what they claim.

I paid for tickets on the wrong airline

Laurie Spear's travel agent tells her she's booked on American Airlines. But it turns out she's on British Airways and that leads to all kinds of problems. Who's responsible, and how does she fix it?

Can this trip be saved? “We just had the worst vacation ever!”

Craig and Jamie Talley just had the worst vacation ever. Their words, not mine. I've seen a lot of bad trips, and as far as "worst vacations" go, this one's right up there with the worst of 'em.