Should hotels advertise “all-in” prices, too?

If you recall last month's dust-up about airfare pricing, you'll remember that airlines felt singled out by the federal government, which is now requiring them to advertise fares that include all mandatory taxes and fees.

Bill aims to scuttle new airfare pricing rule

Enjoy the government’s new airfare rule. It might not last.

Car rental agencies and cities get ready to go head-to-head over taxes again

Ready for Round 2 of car rental companies vs. cities?

“There are no polite words to describe what I feel has just been done to me”

No industry piles on the fees and surcharges like the car rental industry. Yes, they have their reasons. And yes, they have competition from airlines, which haven't met an ancillary fee they don't like. But sometimes it's useful to watch the rubber hits the road, so to speak.

Part of your nonrefundable airline ticket is refundable, after all

It turns out your nonrefundable ticket isn't entirely nonrefundable, after all. Taxes and government fees, which until now have disappeared into a void -- and many believe, are simply pocketed by airlines -- can be returned.

Hey Priceline, I want my taxes back!

When he cancels his trip to Istanbul, Kevin O'Connell tries to get a refund for the taxes and fees on his flight. But his online travel agent, Priceline, is giving him the runaround. How does he get his money back?