Do travelers need new federal protections?

It’s not your imagination. Congress seems to be paying closer attention to travelers’ welfare.

Hartford tarmac stranding doesn’t justify new laws

The Halloween weekend stranding of more than 1,000 airline passengers at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Conn., brought the tarmac delay activists out in full force again, pushing for new laws that they claim would prevent lengthy ground delays.

Ridiculous or not? Travel is going to the dogs — and it’s our fault

From the “gotcha” fees that can double the price of your trip to being roughed up by airport screeners, there’s no shortage of issues to get mad about in the travel business.

Tarmac-delay rule gives air travelers more respect

Tarmac-delay rule gives air travelers more respect

Did the airline industry fund controversial tarmac delay study?

A new study by a team of aviation consultants which claims the government's new tarmac delay rule will cost the flying public $3.9 billion during the next two decades, is making waves in the aviation industry and beyond.

Government will require airlines to offer “complete picture” of ground delays

Attention, airlines: The government wants to know more about your tarmac delays.

New tarmac delay contingency plans — what’s in it for you?

There may be reason why the first order of business in the Transportation Department's new rulemaking on passenger rights addresses the problem of tarmac delays. These rare but completely needless ground delays have been a political hotbutton, leading to previous action by the department that effectively bans airlines from keeping passengers parked on a taxiway for more than three hours.