For the last time, please stop buying these gift cards!

Gift cards are among the most popular presents, because of their “convenience.” They’re small, easily transferable, and simple to send to friends and family. But they stop being “convenient” when their issuers refuse to honor them or when the funds are stolen, as Melissa Taylor discovered. Continue reading…

Hey Target — who’s been using my e-GiftCard?

Has anyone heard from Target lately? We sure haven’t. And neither has Nathan Macaluso.

Macaluso contacted us this past weekend from Chicago. He’s been searching for someone, anyone at Target who can help with a perplexing, and worrisome, situation. Hearing only echoes, he’s turned to us.
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Why doesn’t Target’s website work in South Korea?

Kosmayer/Shutterstock doesn’t work in South Korea, and that’s a problem for Sean Bamrick, who is stationed there with his family. Can I help him unblock it?

Question: I’m currently stationed with my family in South Korea and for the last few months the Target website has blocked us from online shopping.

This may not seem like a large problem but there are hundreds of Army/Air Force families here that count on that website for kids’ clothing and other items that provide a taste of home.
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Is Target’s price-match guarantee an empty promise?

1-TargetQuestion: I recently tried to price-match merchandise at a Target store in Framingham, Mass. I had read the price match policy online, and I was sure I was eligible. But I was denied.

I followed up with the corporate 1-800 number, and was twice given the same
(startling) answer: Target will not price match any printed ad that is not valid for an entire week. They exclude these ads because they are “timed” events, like door-busters and early-bird sales.
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My honeymoon photos are ruined — thanks a lot, Target!

Alexey Laputin/Shutterstock
Question: I attempted to exchange a camera we purchased for our honeymoon, which turned out to be defective and ruined all of our honeymoon photos. We were told that because the camera had been on sale, and the item has since returned to its regular price that we would need to pay an additional $100 to exchange the defective item with the exact same model.

The guest services representative, loss prevention person and the team leader (who continuously told us she was the store manager) were extremely rude and condescending while informing us of this fact.
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Help! My Target gift card has gone missing

Question: I have a problem with Target that I’m hoping you can help me with. I have been waiting for an electronic gift card to be sent to my grandson for the last three weeks. I’ve made two phone calls and sent an email to Target, but they will not tell me when the card will arrive. I think there’s a serious problem.
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