More than half of air travelers would fly with the flu to avoid a change fee

A disturbing new poll says 51 percent of air travelers say they'd rather fly while infected than pay a $150 airline change fee.

How are airlines stopping the spread of Swine Flu on planes? (Hint: Begins with “p” and rhymes with “hell”)

It looks as if the airlines have no intention of loosening their inflexible change fee requirements to prevent a Swine Flu outbreak on planes. The Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed that it has begun testing hand sanitizers for flammability, and at least one source close to the agency says carriers intend to deploy bottles of the gel on their planes as flu season gets underway.

Swine flu sinks family’s cruise — are they outta luck?

Here's a real Morton's Fork dilemma: You're about to go on a cruise when you're suddenly diagnosed with an infectious disease. But your cruise line won't refund your fare if you cancel.

Cruise rescheduled because of swine flu — what are my rights?

One of the most common swine flu-related questions I've been getting relates to rescheduled cruises. Many cruise lines are diverted their ships to avoid Mexican ports. What if you don't want to go? Should you be able to get a refund?

“This is a disaster”

If you're nervous about the recent swine flu outbreak and want to cancel an upcoming vacation to Mexico, you might want to read this before calling your travel agent.