Who has the worst fees in the travel industry? Here’s the surprise answer

Will the industry with the worst fees please stand up and take a bow?

Ridiculous or not? When a “fuel surcharge” costs more than an airline ticket

When Walter Nissen signed up for a British Airways Chase Visa card recently, he though he’d be jetting off to London after earning just 50,000 miles.

When should an airline tell you about fees? Survey says …

The sooner, the better.

Would you pay a fee to avoid paying a fee? American Airlines thinks so

Fees on top of fees. It used to be the kind of hyperbole with which I spiced up my columns. […]

Ray LaHood: “We’re in the era of full disclosure”

In part two of their interview with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Christopher Elliott and Charlie Leocha explore the new tarmac-delay restrictions for airlines and pending rules for the disclosure of surcharges, such as baggage fees, that have spread through the airline industry.

Deloitte’s Simonetto: “It’s easy to view this as the big, bad airline taking advantage of travelers”

Mike Simonetto is the principal and global leader of Deloitte Consulting’s pricing and profitability practice. With airlines and other travel companies testing our willingness to pay fees, I wanted to ask a pricing expert like him why travel companies were doing this and where it's all headed.

No one does fees like a European car rental company — no one

If you think fees are outrageous here in the United States, may I suggest a European vacation? Minisha Kochar recently […]