Junk fees and other obstacles of the road

At the intersection of Highway 20 and Highway 101 in Willits, Calif., you'll find three service stations. But look closely before you pump gas, otherwise you could pay a lot more than you expect.

Sick restaurant surcharges you shouldn’t have to pay — or should you?

Ward Chartier almost choked on his breakfast croissant he ordered at Oakland International Airport recently.

Guests who want it all and the hotels that pander to them

From time to time, I get an email from one of you that makes me want to say, "That's ridiculous!"

Charged an extra $400 for a vacation I can’t take

Ruth Hartmann has to cancel her yoga retreat to Costa Rica after she lands in the hospital. Why is her resort asking her to pay an extra $400 for a vacation she can't take?

A $500 fee for being American and other absurd hotel surcharges

Nick Pilolla thought he'd made a reservation at the Renaissance Aruba Beach Resort & Casino through Otel.com, a European travel website.

The mystery of Oyster Bay’s energy fee deepens

Last month, I reported on the possible re-emergence of energy fees in the hotel industry. Today, I have some good news for you -- and an update from the hotel that allegedly charged the fee to one guest.

Are energy fees about to make a comeback?

The Oyster Bay Beach Resort is a highrise hotel in St. Martin that promises guests white sand beaches, "breathtaking" views of the Caribbean and a "paradise found."