Should airlines waive their change fees for military families?

Joyce Marrero / Shutterstock.com
Joyce Marrero / Shutterstock.com
Pam Brys’ son, Thomas, is an Aviation Maintenance
Administrationman 2nd Class, stationed on the USS Nimitz. After being deployed to Syria for more than a year, Thomas’ ship received orders to return to the States on a different date than expected.

When the ship stops in San Diego, the families of the sailors will get to join their loved ones until it docks in Everett, Washington. Come January, Petty Officer Brys will be heading to Japan to serve three years of land duty.
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When airlines misread passport rules, who pays?

Question: My husband and I were scheduled to take a Spirit Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to San Jose, Costa Rica. The afternoon before my flight, my dog chewed a corner off the front page of my husband’s passport and we were concerned about having proper documentation.

We arrived at the airport almost three hours early in order to have enough time to ask a ticket agent. He seemed seasoned and professional, and he assured us that there would be no problem with the passport, as the number could still be manually inputted.
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Spirit’s Baldanza: “We don’t force customers to pay for services they don’t want or need”

Spirit's Ben Baldanza. / Photo courtesy Spirit.
Spirit Airlines is at it again — first denying a dying war veteran a ticket refund, then announcing it would raise its fee for carrying a bag on its flight to $100. Passengers are outraged. A Facebook petition to boycott the carrier is gaining momentum.

At a time like this, I like to hand the mike over to Ben Baldanza, the airline’s CEO. I did this morning, but his handlers said he couldn’t answer my questions by phone. Here’s a transcript of our awkward email interview.
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