Spirit charges for checked luggage again … and again

Here’s a trick question: If you fly from point “A” to point “B” on the same airline how many times […]

Should airlines waive their change fees for military families?

Pam Brys’ son, Thomas, is an Aviation Maintenance Administration Petty Officer 2nd Class, stationed on the USS Nimitz. After being deployed to Syria more than a year, Thomas’ ship received orders to return to the States on a different date than expected.
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When airlines misread passport rules, who pays?

When Olga Parra's dog chews part of her husband's passport, they're denied entry to Costa Rica. Is their airline to blame for letting them board the flight?

Spirit’s Baldanza: “We don’t force customers to pay for services they don’t want or need”

Spirit Airlines is at it again -- first denying a dying war veteran a ticket refund, then announcing it would raise its fee for carrying a bag on its flight to $100. Passengers are outraged. A Facebook petition to boycott the carrier is gaining momentum.

Are fees for carry-on luggage just the beginning?

Since Allegiant Air's decision to start charging passengers for carry-on luggage last week, you'd think that everything needed to be said about this outrageous new fee had already been said.

Spirit contacts revealed: addresses, phone numbers for five people who can help

Spirit Airlines' customer department may have all but shut down, but its employees still got spirit. Airline insiders, upset that their employer has more or less shuttered its call center, have taken it upon themselves to send me the names, numbers and e-mail addresses of the Spirit employees who can help you.