Lied to, overcharged and almost abandoned by Spirit Airlines

Noreen Ismail seemed to have an airtight case against Spirit Airlines. Its transgressions against her, her husband, and 11-month old included overcharging her for her carry-on luggage abandoning her in Boston and making promises it never intended to keep.

Spirit Airlines won’t compensate me for flight cancellation

Steve Leadroot was all set to fly from Chicago to Atlantic City for a wedding last September when an airport ticket agent gave him some bad news: The airline had discontinued its service to Atlantic City. As in, it doesn't fly there anymore.

Case dismissed: Grounded by my doctor — could you refund my ticket?

Basili Alukos spent almost a month in the hospital this summer and his doctor told him he couldn't fly. He had several trips planned, including one on Spirit Airlines.

Is this enough compensation? Rescued from Spirit’s fare club, but still unhappy

Spirit Airlines' "$9 Fare Club" is probably one of the most controversial legal travel clubs in the country. Scratch that. It is the most controversial travel club in the country.

Is this enough compensation? Assaulted on my flight — and then ignored

Dana LaRue says she was sexually assaulted on a Spirit Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Chicago.

Ridiculous or not? I arrived at the airport on time, but I missed my flight

Getting to the airport on time doesn’t cut it anymore. Just ask Mayura Hooper, who missed her Spirit Airlines flight from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands during the holidays.

Spirit Airlines tells passenger who can’t fit into seat to stand

Katie Anderson's son is 6' 7". The average economy class seat "pitch" on a Spirit Airlines Airbus A321 -- the distance between seats on an aircraft -- is between 30 and 31 inches, hardly enough room for a big guy.